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Merry/Happy, Hope/Faith

In a dubiously generous act of Christmas overshare, I will tell you that I went to the grocery store the other day, and one of the things on my list was toilet paper. I reached for the Charmin double rolls — what we always buy—-and then my hand paused. Because I was about to touch […]

Naughty Nick

I have been SO ill. Today is the first time I am up and around, and it was the weekend that my side of the family all got together for Christmas. Please oil up your pity glands and remit sorrow on my behalf. Although I am feeling sorry enough for me for all of us, […]

What my Biffles Did on Their Summer Vacation

The first trailer for Water for Elephants is out, and WOW but it looks like sexy, brilliant OSCAR BAIT. I am SO excited to see this movie. I would be foaming even if it wasn’t Sara’s book because it looks AMAZING. I have loved Reese Witherspoon since Scott and I were flipping channels about and […]


Merry Everything!

I am having a little romance with a site called NAIL.

They market things, and are super innovative about it…Nail = smart. Also? A little weird. In the good way.

You may remember them from my post about longing for the gift of a sliced off, tannery-preserved hunk of elf ear this […]

The Fat Came Back

Wait, did he say, “Cat?”

You know, 2010 was a wash year for me. I feel like I lost most of it to illness, surgery, recovery, and then catching up from all the work time I lost doing the first three things. And with all the lying around from being sick and surgery […]

3Q with Sonny Brewer

Oh Best of all Local Beloveds, please come out and see me with Sonny Brewer, signing copies of Don’t Quit Your Day Job (and he and I will both sign our other titles, shoudl you so desire, and what a great Crhistmas present signed books make….

We’ll be here on Friday evening starting at […]

I Suppose There’s Nothing Left but Some Weird Form of Sexism at Big K-Mart

Maisy Jane’s dream wedding cake….

Beautiful Maisy who is about to be barely nine was sitting in my office playing this Disney Princess game on my computer. You take a little girl virtual paper doll, make it look like you, dress it up, and then put in on backgrounds to interact with Disney Princesses […]

Letters to my Life

Abbott the rabbit’s burlesque-y latest just got a starred Publisher’s Weekly review….huzzah!

Dear Fat Pants,

I am giving you two weeks notice. I am about to be done with you. I am really, really, super serious, this time.

Firmly (and by firmly, I mean ABOUT TO BE more firmly, specifically in the butt […]

Welcome to December (now with more LarLar!)

I so wish I was on NAIL’s 2010 Christmas Gift list. WRAP IT, PLEASE!

This first picture is the second image that comes up if you google image “demented happy elf.” It was a Christmas gift last year from a site called NAIL that I had never seen before, but I am already kinda […]