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Something Color Monday?

I forgot to add procrastinate and do the thing you already put off four times

Hello! I am back from out of town and tired of turkey now. Ham for Christmas, please and thank you. I have many things to tell you. I am going to number them because writing a list always makes me […]

8 Scenes from a Writing Retreat

1. Me: I want to answer this post on Facebook. Can I just do it here on your computer from your account? Her: Yes. Me: Wait, where is the M? Her: Where the M would be. Me: But when I poke the M, I get a semicolon. Her: Don’t poke the M. Poke […]


Welcome to my third entry in a row to begin with the letters R and E. R! E! It’s a whole big thing. I am using those letters to begin my titles with a dogged, almost Sesame Street-like devotion. Maybe I should show a bunch of cleavage and sing about prefixes, re: Katie Perry.



The pear is a candle, btw

Crazy Farm Box is intent on making me like turnips. Or at least choke those boogers down. In a previous entry I talked a lot about sex and mentioned my conundrum with turnips, so we all then talked a LOT about just only turnips in the comments, which […]


I am supposed to be sequestered at the beach right now in little vacation condo, taking 7 days of pure silent focused writing time to hit my punch list on the new book before I turn it in. This week was to be the SPROUNCING revision, where I creep through the finished book a […]

In One Ear and Out the Other

From Saints and Spinners series of Children’s Books that Never Were

Maisy Jane is the pigeon. She wants to get her ears pierced. I cannot tell you how horrified I am, because it means that I have to finally get my ears pierced too because I can’t be the wussy-mommy whose 8 year old […]

A Little Linky Lovefest

I have been anthology-cally busy this last year, and I forgot to tell you.

My good friend Sonny Brewer invited me to be in a very cool anthology called Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs They Quit. I wrote about my terrible year as a paper-toting office monkey. […]

The Doings of Fops

Here is the trade paperback page on Amazon for gods in Alabama. Quite some time ago, 24 of the reviews disappeared. POOF! Mysterious.

I contacted Amazon and got a form letter back telling me reviews could only be removed for egregious content. I wrote back saying I didn’t want reviews REMOVED, I wanted […]

Some Random Tuesday Think Fasts

If you put coconuts, Hopelessness, and Hitler Mustache into a google image search, you get this rabbit. Oooookay!

So Scott and I were flopping around this afternoon while I had mental illness and as a distraction he asked me to say three things I hated really fast without thinking. I said, IS THIS A MEME. […]