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Fun with Google

This squirrel knows how to use Google Maps. And Bazookas.

So as I have mentioned before, Scott and I play WoW. World of Warcraft. That chick in the picture is my favorite toon, Reviva, a level 80 Holy/Disc priest on Hellscream, and if you understood what I just said, then you, my friend are […]

The Last Word on Sex, and (in what I swear is unrelated news) Happy Meat

This pic has no connection to this post. But who cares? It is a picture of happy luncheon meat and needs no justification for its inclusion ANYWHERE.

So this last month I am having trouble blogging because NOTHING HAPPENS to blog about because I am working on this STILL TITLE FREE book that is […]

Sex in the Lion Mist and Who Missed the Ark

In SC with Therese Fowler and Hank Phillippi Ryan

I had a great time in Myrtle Beach at the S.C. Writer’s Conference. I rose early and worked on my novel while watching at dogs run on the beach, ran barefoot for a couple of miles along the shore myself and got crippling shin splints, […]

Crazy Farm Box, Winter Edition. And Some Sex.

Our Farmer’s Market is closing for the winter, and so I have signed up once again to receive Crazy Farm Box, a random carton of winter crops grown organic-style by a local farmer. Yay, leafy lettuces that taste like food instead of textured waters. Yay, exciting and mysterious unidentified squash that I must google to […]

To My Friends Inside the Television

The book is eating me. I can’t stop or put it down, and I am so floppitty-xausted by day’s end, I just want to glare blankly at the Television. And I DO mean glare. I TRY to relax, but I cannot. Why? You ask. Well. Some of my friends in the television ARE MAKING ME […]

Whatever Happened to Five Full Plates?

I would like to play life-swap with this fellow for a day or two.

So we were all supposed to start this FASHION CHALLENGE over on Five Full Plates but then all five of us got a whole enormous rubbery elephant carcass dumped on our respective plates and we are too busy trying to […]

St Paul in Pictures


Just a head’s up – I WILL be at the Auburn Public Library tonight at 7 PM.

Opus and Olives was AMAZING. Everyone dolled up in cocktail attire, an ICE SCULTPURE with a long tube that the bartender POURED martinis through to make them drop into the glass frosty cold, […]

In Which We Break From the Feral, Pajama-ed, Maniacal Drafting

The black bottom ones are better, but any sugary port in a draft-induced profanity storm, I always say.

I was beginning to feel I would never leave my room… I have been contemplating exciting blog posts about my action packed days of sitting with a computer in my lap, but what’s to tell? All […]

Everything, Eventually

I am finally processing the New York Flip Phone videos. I stayed with Karen, and Sara had one day off from book tour, so we took her eldest son all over NYC, trying to cram in as much NYC as possible. A little shopping (Sara got everyone commemorative dried palm animals from a street vendor, […]

Things I Liked and Did Not Like

Liked: This orange moth, perching on my orange car.

I was enchanted immediately ran for the digicam and then called the kids out to see him.

HE MATCHES! I hollered.

I named him The Orange Moth of Happiness.

Did Not Like: When my son pointed out that the Orange Moth of […]