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And So the Death March Ended…


September was National Go Out of Town on Consecutive Trips Until Your Children Forget What You Look Like Month, and I AM ashamed for abandoning my kids, my husband, my dog, the cat I like (but not the other cat), my reasonable eating plan, my sobriety, my hope in mankind and, yes, YOU, […]

Packing Sucks

It is the LAST DAY to enter the contest to win a signed, personalized copy of Sara Gruen’s APE HOUSE…click this link to find the rules and enter. Contest closes at NOON EST Friday.

Want some fake breakfast? Mmmm, Paper Mache-y!

I am packing to get on a plane to leave town for the […]

Linky Love Day

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a signed, personalized copy of Sara Gruen’s APE HOUSE, currently sitting prettily on its furry haunches at #8 on the NYT bestseller list.

Today I am blogging about a mythological creature called “My Fashion Sense” over on Five Full Plates. My Fashion Sense has a […]

3Q with Sara Gruen (And a Contest with an extra Perk)

The gorgeous and sugar hearted Sara Gruen not only agreed to do a 3Q, but she is donating three SIGNED copies of Ape House as a prizes. I’m going to see Sara in New York Saturday (I am flying up to meet my new editor…more on this later) and so I will close the […]

Seattle (Part 2)

I am HUGELY bitter that I forgot my little video making guy. I meant to make a Seattle film and show you men throwing fish and the glorious flower mart and take you up to the top of the needle to play a fun game of Will This Revolving Restaurant Irk My Hypersensitive Inner Ear […]

In Seattle

I’m in ur seattle, hidin’ under yer space needles

I have had No internet as I have been on the road in a big way. I am currently in Seattle, which I love for many reasons, not the least of which is I CAN GET ONLINE. HELLO INTERNETS! I MISSED YOU! LET’S MAKE OUT. […]

Almost Unsolicited Advice to Those Who, Like Me, Perpetrate the Writing of Sentences


I realize I am not blogging much, but I have hit the endgame of this novel. I am having a hard time bobbing to the top of it for a beta-fish sized sip of air, much less actually creeping all the way out of fiction like some sort of primordial be-finned something […]

Three of the Thousand Little Things I Meant to Tell You

1) Over on Five Full Plates I am talking about Foodie-ness and Fashion—and looking for a new challenge involving the latter. Come play!

Because if you like Casting Crowns, you’ll LOVE this. Obviously.

2) Remember when I blogged about Pandora, the musical genome project? Basically you build your own radio stations by telling Pandora […]

My Favorite Little Kettle

This Coach purse might be a little too pink. And a LOT too four hundred freakin dollars.

Maisy is a lollygagger. Maisy is a fibberty-gibbett. Maisy sits at the kitchen table and swings her feet and looks at things with her big blue eyes and accomplishes nothing. She cannot stay on task. She cannot […]