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Make Clickies

I am not this plate. I am also NOT the elephant plate.

Today I am over on Five Full Plates telling AWFUL TRUE THUTHS that are true. Even though it is DUMB that they are true. They still are.

In BETTER news, one of my all time favorite writers had one of his […]

The Love Doctor is In. And He’s Ten.

My friend’s ten year old is a Lady’s Man. Always has been. Girls just…like him. And he likes girls. Never did that YUCK GIRLS, thing, which is pretty rare. He reminds me of my own son in a lot of ways. For example, they talk (and write) like 40 year old accountants, and they have […]

Three Thriller Girls and a Boy Bearing Sweet Tea

I have taken an axe to this novel. It is HORRIFYING. I was almost done, could see the end, and all at once I stopped fighting to make it go how I wanted and am letting it go how it wants to go. Not two voices. Three. THREE! I hacked it open and threw some […]

No, Thank You

Her: Did I mention my latest woe to you? Yesterday, after the school picnic, I looked in the mirror in the car and found a WRINKLE. Right between my eyes!

Me: Oh, I KNOW! I have TWO in that exact place, centered between my brows and they run vertically. They look like ANGRY WRINKLE […]

The Tuesday Redirect

Today is Tuesday, so I am over at Five Full Plates. There, our focus is getting FIT AND HEALTHY, so of course *I* am…talking about my cat.

Six (mostly) True Things about Michigan

This moose loomed moosily over my hotel’s coffee bar…

1) Michigan summers can be QUITE humid.

I suspect that Michigan’s state motto is “the Big Hair state.” The second I deplaned, I felt my hair beginning to rise and puff into billowing humps of fuzzy curlage, and by the time I went to my […]

Tech NO! logy

Julie on a little pregnant has clearly worked out some sort of minor deal with Cthulhu, wherein he gets to spread 1/27th of her soul on a Ritz cracker (EVERYTHING tastes better when its sittin’ on a Ritz. Even the oldest of the Great Old Ones knows that…) and Facebook becomes her love slave. […]

The Tuesday Redirect (now with ACTUAL TUESDAY!)

Tomorrow it seems likely that we shall have the Wednesday edition of the Monday More Q. But today? Today I am making my preschool teacher proud as I correctly guess the day of the week and tell you I am over onFive Full Plates. Whining. And baking things.


The lunesta moth could be touching my skin with its creepy moth feet ALL NIGHT and I would never know. And I am not even TAKING THE PILLS.

Presurgery, before the months that I call OMGIADLY (pronounced OM-gee-AD-lee, an acronym for “Oh em gee, I almost died last year.”) I had a long standing […]

Q and A

Q: Who won the audiobooks already, you tardy slag?

A: See the image for numbers, and the winners ( Jess of the formerly blue hair, Margi Borck, Jerri Hernandez, Terri, and Deonna so NOT a stalker) will be emailed.

Q: Why did you roll for 81 when there are only 80 comments now?

A) […]