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A Series of Sealed and Secret Letters

Dear Five Full Platers,

We begin Monday! I am most likely waiting til Monday. I am probably not getting a jumpstart by giving up simple carbs and upping the intensity of my workouts WITHOUT you or anything. I was just down in the basement, um, inventing Flubber and organizing my DVD collection in order of […]

The Monday More Q

I want to go to there

From the Peanut Gallery: Hey! Is it MONDAY?

Me: Ask yourself this… What is more important, USING PLEASING ALLITERATION? Or knowing what day it is?

Peanut Gallery: Probably B. Especially if the termite guy is coming on Tuesday and you are propped up with two cats, a hound […]

Pandora’s Latest Box is Full of…Boom?

If you go to the archives and do a search for “I don’t like songs,” you will very quickly come to the conclusion that…I don’t like songs. Yes, I am aware that I have no soul. But really I have decided that it is true-er to say I do not like MUSIC. I’m a writer. […]

Dream Analysis

Me, Ana Raquel, and Susan at a book event. WE ALL HAVE PANTS ON.

SO I am standing in the back room of bookstore with Susan Rebecca White. It’s the Book Exchange, in Marietta, where Susan and I are speaking on Thursday. So it must be Thursday night already, I realize. Susan is […]

The Monday More Q

I thought I would add a feature for as long as I remember it exists, called Monday More Q, where I answer the unanswered questions from the 3Q contest, as well as questions from other sources such as e-mail or book events….Let’s dive right in!

From the Peanut Gallery: You do realize it is Tuesday, […]

3 Questions with Anne Zouroudi (and a contest!)

OKAY, RIGHTEOUS HEALTH POSSE! I will be moving the fitness challenge stuff over to Five Full Plates next week, where Gray, Mir, Kira, and Lydia (when she returns from eating unpasteurized cheese in France) can get in on the action and also to keep FTK moderately safe from my ongoing fitness-lunacy.

Today, I am […]

Better U, Better Me

Current photo. I am srsly displeased. PS with me is the guy I went to prom with in 1986. He showed up to my Pensacola tour date! He has weathered well, no? Of course, he didn’t just ALMOST DIE. Just saying.

This is what I said on May 8, 2009, before beginning the American […]

Jiggetty Jog

Beach week is my favorite week of the year, and, just as it does every year, it went too dern fast. In Europe they take TWO weeks, and this, along with inventing pâté, proves Europe is very sensible. We should all get two weeks here. And eat more pâté. *nodnodnod*

On our last day, […]

Best Beach

Our internet is SPOTTY, so I probably won’t see you again til Monday. But here are the best things so far.

—-My niece, Erin, came in with a bleedy foot and said she had stepped on an HUGENORMOUS crab who skizzored her open but good wit his massive meat-filled claw. I was skeptical, and thought […]

3Q with, um, Me

I can’t very well sit down with myself, so I sat down with my Best Beloveds to answer Three Questions about BACKSEAT SAINTS, my other work, and my process as a writer.

Backseat Saints is already a New York Times bestseller and in the July issue REDBOOK recommends it for book clubs, saying […]