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Many Win-ies

HI! It is Almost July in Georgia, and in what I can only assume is a well-timed act of mechanical cruelty, the air conditioner in The Good Cat stopped working. Not just stopped blowing cold air, but more like, stopped existing. Doesn’t blow air of any sort. Doesn’t respond or tick or click or […]

Nerd Humor

Oh My Beloveds. I am HOME. And I have not forgotten you and all your marvelous existing. I am going to set up and do the drawings for all the many prizes tomorrow, both the audiobook thing AND the PUSH THE BUTTON prize packs thing. TOMORROW. Will happen. So. Yay.

I want an i pad. […]


I have been on the death march week of the tour. It goes like this: Get up at ungodly-thirty, go to airport, get on plane, get off at another airport, sit, get on a plane, get off plane, get cab, throw bags in hotel, fluff hair, go to event, have the only fun 2 hours […]

Still Kicking

This braid is going to Locks of Love. YAY.

Peep my cousin’s friend’s 13 year old daughter, doing the Rose cover shot pose after her mom sheared off seven years worth of gorgeous hair—it kinda broke her mom’s heart, but it is for SUCH a worthy cause. Yay, anonymous kiddo in an unspecified […]

File Under In-Freakin-Sane

I am on a flight to San Francisco, and someone invented GO GO. It is internet for planes. I am simultaneously drinking red wine, blogging, and listening via the Delta infotainment system to Prince’s Purple Rain (because I am old and, even if I do not like songs, beloveds, I like songs better than Chatty […]

Willie Said ON THE ROAD AGAIN (Or maybe he said “whore”)

OH HELLO. I just heard from my publicist—Backseat Saints made the NYT bestsellers list the first week of release. I have a couple of things to say. One is, WHEEEE! Another is, Thank You, oh you best beloveds who bought it and passed the word and faced it front in ninja bookstore raids. Whee and […]

What Did Willy Nelson Say?

Hold outs, hold no more. Last minute-rs, your favorite moment is upon us, by which I mean, the last one. THE VIRTUAL SIGNING HAPPENS IN THREE DAYS. This is the very last time I will put the button up. Mostly because I am heading out on the road again and the code for the […]

3Q with Me (and a Contest)

The place to be at 7 PM tonight!

I need a Category called “I don’t learn.” It’s a thing I said – AS A JOKE— to Julie over at What Women Write when she was interviewing me last week. But it is not a joke. Apparently.

I say I do not learn because […]

In the Last 48 Hours

Number of times I have had tiny little things go wrong or been told things that bring it to my attention in very real ways that I have a book releasing and have responded by shooting off a thousand panicking emails to anyone who might eye-listen, then wandering the house, wailing like a banshee […]


Honestly, I have the best friends alive. Sara realized my Malaprop’s date was actually the first stop on my tour, so she threw me a spontaneous party at her house. It was quite awesome. Also, Loretta Lynn was in town, and downtown Ashville has nine parking spaces, so she hired a car to take us […]