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The Ubiquitous Button and Some Linky Love

Today I am learning NEW things that are NOT meditating over on Five Full Plates It is a surprise, what I am learning. Yay.

Over here today is our friend The Button. Pressing him takes you to the place to order signed first editions of Backseat Saints from The Alabama Booksmith, and thus […]

10 True Things about My Marriage

) 1) My marriage is not allowed to drink or vote, but it is sweet and it can drive.

In other words, it turned 16 yesterday. Our kids made us cards. Sam’s featured drawings of molecules on the front cover and said, “Mom, Dad, Unity is important. You have learned it well.”

Apparently, one […]


Smug Lion Is Smug

This is my favorite smug library lion in the whole world. Not that I have seen every library lion…but I know in my heart there is not one to beat him. I just do. Instead of using the random number generator, we could have a single ongoing digital-camera global lion […]

Please to Advise Re: Contests

Congrats to Laurie Meeks and Michelle Pendergrass, who each win a copy of Jennifer McMahon’s hot new paperback release of Dismantled.

Randomness is SO DARN RANDOM that at times it seems absolutely…cleverly planned. The results were so weird that I decided to print screen and clip them out and post the images, because otherwise […]

3Q (and contest!) Jennifer McMahon

It was the cover that got me. The direct gaze of the young girl on the front of the hardback edition. In that version, she’s blonde and the picture has been cut into cubes and put back together slightly wrong, but it’s that same wary, guarded look that speaks of secrets and and a […]


Today I am blogging about the bril Cig Harvey and book covers over at my Southern Authors group blog.

As per usualness, on Tuesday I will be telling tall, spiritually mature *cough* tales of chimes, Oms, and learning over at Five Full Plates.

Over here, I have the BUTTON and the countdown […]

Book Beasted

Hey, California, I could sure use a hand, here…

Dear You,

If you 1) live in the California Bay area, particularly Oakland (especially Piedmont and Montclair) San Leandro, Alameda, Albany, or El Cerrito and if you 2) Feel like doing me a solid, then I could REALLY use your help. Please email me at […]

The Tuesday Redirect

Today I am getting my learn on over with the Plates. Heh. Lydia has challenged us all to learn something, and I basically chose something that everyone over there has been yelling at me to do ever since I ripped out my stitches getting on my cussed elliptical too early after surgery.

Over […]

Beloved, Belated

OOPS the blog went dark! I am not dead. I am just insane. You know, because probably you are insane right now, too. It is the end of the school year, replete with every form of kidly concert and exams and school project and end of year fall-de-loll-de-doodle possible. Backseat Saints launches in three weeks. […]

Things to Look At, Click, and Do

This is the Benecio del Toro of turtles. He will kill ALL of you.

1) A Mysterious Fan named “frank” sent me a video message via Monkey Courier. DEAR Lord. SO WEIRD. The urinal background leads me to believe that EITHER this mysterious fan is my favorite author (Frank Turner Hollon), or I need […]