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Learning Curve

After three days of straight bed rest, I got up today able to walk without my spine coiling and my shoulders pushing themselves up and forward and my back rising in an abdominally protective hunch with a scrunched up look of woe on my face. I am out of “wracking spasms of knifelike, slice-y pain” […]

The Tuesday Redirect (to Lunacy and Foolishness)

Today I had a very stupid, clearly premature idea. Or half stupid— the butter/potato part of the idea, I submit to you, may have merit. Still HALF of the idea has basically torn me open again. SUPER! I am over at Five Full Plates just a few hours PRE-tearing myself open, explaining why it is […]

My One Yearly Reality Show Post

The vast majority of my family had a stomach flu this weekend, so I never posted. Trust me, Beloveds, some things are better left unblogged. *shudder* But the good part of being awake all night, trapped in a hive of virusy-death air, was all the free brain-dead time I had. In between supervising some […]

Seven Reasons to Press the Button

It is time! It is time! It is time for the virtual book tour! I will be all over the country in June, but if I am not coming to a bookstore near you, then first, ALAS! And second, this is how you can be a part of the launch of Backseat Saints ANYWAY, […]

The Tuesday Redirect

I need this shirt. And to know the answer to this vitally important question.

Have you noticed the categories here on the new blog? Scroll down and look at the left menu bar. You will see I only have SIX categories…a little joke Word Press is playing. It won’t list a category until that […]


Michigan Awesome!

So I’m back from Grand Rapids, which is apparently in Michigan. I went around telling everyone it was my first time to visit Michigan, until I remembered that that’s where they keep DETROIT. So. Then I went around telling everyone it was my second time in Michigan until someone mentioned this excellent […]

Here We All Are Then!

Hi there! See, no worries, we will have 3Q over HERE now is all. I wasn’t trying to be SPOOKY.

Did you look at the new site? Oh please look at the new site! What do you think? I LOVE it. I love the little GUNS everywhere. Cig Harvey graciously allowed me to use her […]

Double Dog

Me, currently alive, playing with my kids.

New Blog Test: This post previously appeared on my group blog, Five Full Plates.

I vaguely remember lying in the hospital bed, so low on oxygen to the brain that the walls were wavering, watching this thick red sludge run from its baggy to a tube […]