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The Cat of Damocles, Looming on Ash Wednesday

Scott took this pic. Ansley is looking at me. See the worried ears?

She is asking me with the plaintive eyeballs WHY I have allowed this AWFUL, TERRIFYING CAT, the one with all the POINTY BITS on his EVIL FEET, to perch above her. Do I not KNOW this cat can drop upon […]

Vermont Part 4: 14 Reasons why LaGuardia Is Hella Better Than JFK

When we left me on the long, long, log, long LONG road to Vermont, I had just landed at JFK airport in New York City. I had never been before. I always go to LaGuardia. And truthfully? I have become bored of the story, having told it to my mother, Karen, Lydia, Sara, Jill etc […]

Double Dog

Me, currently alive, playing with my kids.

New Blog Test: This post previously appeared on my group blog, Five Full Plates.

I vaguely remember lying in the hospital bed, so low on oxygen to the brain that the walls were wavering, watching this thick red sludge run from its baggy to a tube […]