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I Go Goop

THIS CONTEST—where you can win a brand new signed fresh PB of SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY hot off the presses plus another of my backlist PLUS your entry will be used by William Morrow to make COOL IMAGES—- ENDS FRIDAY.

You should please enter because reading the entries—especially when you choose a line […]

Edible Friends

an image of a nice friend I would like to eat with potatoes, from wikimediacommons

I am having mental illness about sourcing. As in, YES, I want to eat the chicken, but I also want to know the chicken was relatively happy up until he was killed and paired with dumplings to make ME relatively […]

Food in France

Do you remember this book? It was charming and entertaining, but also IRKSOME, because sometimes it fell into an unconsciously entitled tone that assumed SUCH luxurious wealthiness—-it felt a little GOOPy, if you know what I mean. You know GOOP?:

“For the perfect snack after my zen-yogatation-pilates class with my Swedish muscle-elongation-technician, I like […]

The Third Piece of Unsolicited Advice Drops

This is not actually MY advice. It was originally posted ALL OVER my son’s high school. He stole one sign and brought it home to post on our refrigerator, lest he forget.

SERIOUSLY??? Yes, seriously.

Wall licking was a apparently a thing.

Don’t do it, ya’ll. That way lies wall-induced ebola and, should […]

The Evidence Against Me

It looked a lot like this cookie. Or this cookie's grandmother. Whatever. Click pic for recipe.

Sitting in carpool today, I decided to clean out my glove compartment. Inside, I found a little waxy paper bakery envelope containing a cookie. It was a WHOLE cookie, though some edges had crumbled.

It was a small […]

Silly-Fox and How to Not

OKAY I promise we are done with contests for a bit! NO MORE. They require all one of my organizational skill to stretch to the limit, and then the skill snaps back and pops me in the face like an angry and overworked rubber band. Exception being, of course, winner of the silliest Fox […]

It’s Not A Tumor-Nator (and WINNERS!)

FIRST sorry sorry, I forgot to post the winners of Bridget Asher’s delightful new novel, The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted.

The RNG got WEIRD this time, picking two little teeny front- numbers and then setting them next to each other to make the two digit third winning number, a pick so odd […]

Should Your Next Soiree Need A Bit of Added Zing and Sophistication…

OH! Delicious pan of buttery heart disease and sugar coma! I sing to thee!

Every year the youth at our church have a dinner to raise money for their mission trips and suchlike. We make desserts, and the desserts get auctioned off at the end of the night. It’s understood that this is the […]

The Fat Came Back

Wait, did he say, “Cat?”

You know, 2010 was a wash year for me. I feel like I lost most of it to illness, surgery, recovery, and then catching up from all the work time I lost doing the first three things. And with all the lying around from being sick and surgery […]


The pear is a candle, btw

Crazy Farm Box is intent on making me like turnips. Or at least choke those boogers down. In a previous entry I talked a lot about sex and mentioned my conundrum with turnips, so we all then talked a LOT about just only turnips in the comments, which […]