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Yes Virginia-of-the-Pink-Socks, there will be a Sloughing, part, two.

The RANDOM has Spoken, as you can see, and it chose the following peeps to win the new Anthology I am in, WEDDING CAKE FOR BREAKFAST:

Sarah of Blue in the Stream and Roxanne. WHOOP on you two.

As for the third copy….Here were [...]


THANK YOU for the movetastic advice. I have actually cut and pasted bits into a list TO DO. Also thank you for the reassurance and cavalcade of voices shouting at me to drink liquor. You are wise! I bourbonically concur!


So the publicist in charge of WEDDING CAKE FOR BREAKFAST has ponied up [...]

3Q With Lanier Scott Isom – And a CONTEST!

SO I am in Alabama all week and I meet a girl at a book signing named Crimsynn. And of course the first thing out of my mouth—because I am in Alabama—- is, “So, are you named after Bama’s Crimson Tide?” And —because we are in Alabama—-her answer is, “Of course!”

Man, I love [...]

Make Clickies (and Winners!)

Today I am over on my group blog, THE LIPSTICK CHRONICLES, yapping about ears v/s mouths and how it’s important to create a COMPLETE ANIMAL with a heart and lungs and a spine and probably a LIVER before you pick ears or mouth. I think ears is best. *earnest nodding*

I promise this makes [...]

Winners and a Bonus Coupla Dubya Tee Aitches

The RNG has smiled upon these ten. I screen-shotted, took the image to paint and winners of the the EXTRA SIGNED BOOK from my own collection are circled in blue, winners of the FOX DOLL/Between package are in hot pink.

I have maybe 20 extra foxes left…I AM going to find a way to [...]

Named Phone is Named

OH OH OH I HEART YOU ALL SO MANY. You are the best of all of possible beloveds, living in the best of all possible blog-comments. I was screaming with hysteria reading the phone names. In case you skipped, here are a few dishonorable mentions that made me giggle:

Dani: Pink suit on your boy [...]

Name That Phone (a contest!)

THE TITLE IS BROKEN. The actual title is NAME THAT PHONE, A CONTEST! And there is a contest. But I can’t fix it now I have to leave 15 minutes ago.

A CONTEST IN A SECOND OKAY???? But first…THE BOGGART UPDATE: Yesterday I took him to the vet to see if to see if [...]

A Winner Is History. Or Cigarette. Or Lindsey and a Duck. I Don’t Know. Someone Somewhere Won or Will Win Something. Yay.

The RNG has spoken, Congrats to Lindsey who, on February 7th, 2011 at 8:18 pm said “Wow! The story behind the two of you and this book is so amazing. I remember when Marianne Mancusi’s house burnt down, and it was so neat to see everyone pitch in for her. Congrats on the book!”


The Monday More Q (NOW WITH PRIZES!)

Hey, look, SHWAG! Pls remit your undying friendship.

Yes. I know its Thursday. One of these weeks I will post the Monday More Q on an actual Monday. (Oh, stop laughing. It could happen!)

I am not posting much on ANY day this month because something CLICKED, chemistry bloomed, and the new book and [...]

The Monday More Q

I thought I would add a feature for as long as I remember it exists, called Monday More Q, where I answer the unanswered questions from the 3Q contest, as well as questions from other sources such as e-mail or book events….Let’s dive right in!

From the Peanut Gallery: You do realize it is Tuesday, [...]