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Sick Bed Funsies

The third and final SHARE IMAGE winner came from Suzann Moffitt Ledford! Contest closed, thanks to ALL who played. And hey — please consider PINNING this or throwing it up on Facebook to let everyone know the PB of SELS launches NEXT WEEK. 0.o

PAUSE and LOOK!The site changed, did you notice? My amazing […]


A bright-bright brighter brightest best beloved pointed out that the comments were already closed on the contest entry.

You can enter on this entry. *sigh* Just leave your favorite line from SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY in the comments below this entry and you are entered. ALl the people on the old entry, also are […]

We Interrupt This Total Inability to Blog with a CONTEST

SO—the paperback of SELS launches in a month. LOOK at this easter-y cover. I kinda love it.

In Pre-Celbratory Celebration, I have a contest, open to US peeps only please. SORRY, CANADA! I LOVE you Canada, but you are expensive and form-filling-out-y to mail things at. SORRY REST OF EARTH. I love you, too, […]

A TY, a FRO’BACK FRIDAY Contest, and my second attempt to write What Was Failed, Part 1

First, from the files of UNfail, SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY is a USA today bestseller, and I feel really happy and grateful about that. That’s a national list, and I have never had a book hit it before. SO.

Dear everyone who bought the book so far, You are warm and fragrant, buttered with […]

Art Story (and a Thanks!)

Dear Kazamir Malevich,

I SUPER love the way you play with perspective—Cow and Fiddle? RIGHT ON. Englishman in Moscow? You have so brought on the sexy there. This self portrait? Yes, PLEASE, I’ll take two. But later on in your life, right about the time you started doing all this Red Square: Painterly […]


What is The SELS Virtual Book Tour?

You may be saying, I already know what the Virtual Book Tour is, and I want to participate because I am a noble, gorgeous creature, so I will go ahead and click this link right NOW and get down, quick and dirty, to the hot, hot business […]

Business End

SO. PRETTY is in the semi-finals. Which means they wiped all the votes. Which means if we want to make the finals, you have to basically all go do it all again. HEH. I did not understand the process, clearly, or I would only just NOW be asking you to vote, but there it is. […]


My Gimlet Eye. Look, it is fixing you.

SO when last we spoke, I was trying to think of NON BRIBEY incentives that might motivate genuine fans of A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY help get the word out about its NOM for BEST FICTION over at GOODREADS. Have YOU voted yet, Oh Best of […]

I Know. Sorry. You Were ALREADY Sick of Elections….

SO! as I lost my mind and told youyesterday, PRETTY is nominated for GoodReads Best Fiction Thing. I became instant DOUBLE CRAZY to get everyone who EVER kissed this book on the lips and pronounced it to be yummy to go VOTE!

Look, a handy link for voting!

But yeah—today? I went […]

WINNERS! and Where Was Waldo? (In This scenario, I am Waldo. But I refuse the Hat.)

Here (very late) are the winners of the SHINE SHINE SHINE audiobook, at last.

1, Theresa July 23, 2012 at 3:21 pm I’ve already told my friend to read this awesome book, and she has already told her book-club members, who will tell their friends, who will tell their friends. Guaranteed.

50, Dina […]