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From April 16, 2008: The Near-Tragic Tale of An A Bunnies

Who, me?

Today is a day for a Backdate Quaint. Clever folks who read Wednesday’s blog about the Very Smelly Not A Bunnies may realize that this particular Backdate Quaints is preparation for News…

It seems like a weird title, but there is no singular form of the word bunnies at my house. When […]

The Bartina Redux

This is a story that got posted elsewhere, as a guest blog. It happened — and I wrote about it –years ago. Maisy was about 5. It never appeared on FTK, and I do not have it in my saved blog word files. I had to get The Way Back Machine to find it. I […]

Better Left Unsaid

This is from FASTER THAN KUDZU almost exactly ten years ago—-I wrote it in early March, 2004, and the picture is from that time, too.

Me in 2004. This was used on my first two books, gods and Between

Yesterday my friend Sara Gruen had to kill some people. Just a couple. But […]

Huff, Puff

From March, 2004

Today I am supposed to be working on line edits.

Did you know ELOCUTE is actually not a word? I mean, you can use elocution obviously, but you can’t make it act as a verb. If you put it into SPELL CHECK, spell check says you probably mean EELPOUT. Eel? […]

Retroactive Spankings Required

I find it VERY hard to post these retro posts with no commentary. Sometimes—say, NOW—I want apologize for my silly self that was, and SWEAR the 10 years later improved version of me is WISER and less of a DORK. It’s probably not true, though.

Look, here is the first real entry to FTK, […]

Retro Fail, Lamaze Edition

Welcome to Backdate Quaints, where every weekend I post a lost entry from the old FTK site (R.I.P. 2004 – 2010 R.I.P.) At the bottom you can find my updated 2014 WHAT I READ list.

I plan to post archives in ORDER, but since I declared that it was FAIL WEEK almost two weeks ago […]