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Oh Frabjous Day

They are here and made of fresh paper and they exist. THEY SMELL GOOD. They smell like real true books. I know so many of you have converted to the one true church of e-book, and fine! More power to you! But OH, I love the book as CONCRETE NOUN.

I love especially […]

THE VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR (now with prize pics)

Jackson’s roller-coaster love story will leave the reader both thoroughly sated and hungry for more–PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

I am doing a 16 city tour—click here to see if one of those cities is yours. I’d love to meet you in the human-person. But if I am not going to be near you, The Alabama Booksmith—an […]

Art Story (and a Thanks!)

Dear Kazamir Malevich,

I SUPER love the way you play with perspective—Cow and Fiddle? RIGHT ON. Englishman in Moscow? You have so brought on the sexy there. This self portrait? Yes, PLEASE, I’ll take two. But later on in your life, right about the time you started doing all this Red Square: Painterly […]


What is The SELS Virtual Book Tour?

You may be saying, I already know what the Virtual Book Tour is, and I want to participate because I am a noble, gorgeous creature, so I will go ahead and click this link right NOW and get down, quick and dirty, to the hot, hot business […]

Desperately Seeking Donkey


By Joanbanjo CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A long time ago, I heard a sermon, and the preacher told this story:

Once there was a little donkey who was owned by a Trader-Man. The two of them moved across the countryside, farm to farm, tiny town to tiny town. She carried all the goods […]

A Dirty Look Behind the Scenes

I’m doing one of the weirder parts of my job today. I’m trying to write a SUMMARY or teaser—essentially jacket copy—for a long short story. It’s 20K words, so it is almost a novella. I wrote it. It is called MY OWN MIRACULOUS. Look to the right—you will see all the places where you […]

November 19, 2013

So. Excited. SO. EXCITED. November 19. Do you like it? That cardinal’s name is William Ashe, and HE. LIKES. YOU.

Sequel, Part Two (HA! SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

Here is a true thing about Pink Socks. It takes me a long time, but I DO believe I am getting better about matching up the pairs, here into FTK’s old age.

SO before I left for Virginia, I was telling you about how I was writing a FOR TRUE sequel for the first […]

Uncle Toilet’s Bathing Pod for Underprivileged Filth-Encrusted Right Triangles

This Shower is Inexplicable

I am on writing retreat in a VERY darling bungalow in Virginia with Mad Genius Lydia Netzer, and we wish you were here, assuming you are a homeless triangle in need of a thorough cleaning.

Because if you are, we can plug you directly into the shower as if […]

Never Say Never

I am currently doing a thing I’d said I’d never do. VERY currently. RIGHT THIS SECOND I was doing it, and I paused to come here and tell you I was doing it, and as soon as finish telling you I am going to go right back and do it some MORE.

Best Beloveds, […]