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FB, B, F, in that Order.

FB (Funly Business): Scott got the button for THE VIRTUAL TOUR up. See it over there? In the sidebar to the right. Hit that button and you can get a signed or personalized hardback first ed first printing of book I TRULY think you (or someone on your Christmas list) will enjoy, signed the day […]


What is The SELS Virtual Book Tour?

You may be saying, I already know what the Virtual Book Tour is, and I want to participate because I am a noble, gorgeous creature, so I will go ahead and click this link right NOW and get down, quick and dirty, to the hot, hot business […]

Why I Call You Best. Why You Are Beloved.

You guys always come through! I read the comments and emails, taking in all the ways you tweaked and restructured and added and reduced and revised, and I took slices of various of advice from this one and that one, stole a structure from another, cut some you said to cut, fluffed out things you […]

A Dirty Look Behind the Scenes

I’m doing one of the weirder parts of my job today. I’m trying to write a SUMMARY or teaser—essentially jacket copy—for a long short story. It’s 20K words, so it is almost a novella. I wrote it. It is called MY OWN MIRACULOUS. Look to the right—you will see all the places where you […]

Orange Friend!

Is the orange girl supposed to be the titular pal?

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal as I work myself back into some kind of reasonable shape, post all that boring stuff where I got really sick and went to bed for a year and emerged ALIVE (yay) but also substantially fatter (alas).

Remember that? When […]

While I Was Out

This is an ocelot. Apparently. When I said we had them living in our hair, I was picturing a type of weasel. I chose Ocelots because the weasel is an inherently amusing animal—even the WORD Weasel is an inherently amusing word. But no, ocelots are a darling thing you get when a house cat […]

Three Pieces of Advice You Did Not Ask For, On Topics You Were Not Actually Considering

ADVICE NUMBER ONE: You should read Richard Russo on the toilet.

No, but, you really should. I was recently found by an old and very very very odd college acquaintance on the Facebook (OH! INTERNET! WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE YOU???), and when I asked him what he was up to these days, […]

Pick Your Pretty

SO I did a book club call last night – V fun group.

One of them, Nora Lindberg, wrote some Haiku in response to A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY.

This one was my favorite:

What kind of pretty are they-

Hair pretty, smart pretty, or Mom pretty?

Tough pretty wins every time. […]

My Hobbit Name is Fussins of Fuss-end

First of all, my dad was back in CCU last week and all this weekend with some congestive heart failure. Just a LITTLE bit. Heh. We’ve all been in Birmingham. They thought it was a heart attack or pulmonary embolism, but it was a problem with some clotting in his graft. They were able to […]


My Gimlet Eye. Look, it is fixing you.

SO when last we spoke, I was trying to think of NON BRIBEY incentives that might motivate genuine fans of A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY help get the word out about its NOM for BEST FICTION over at GOODREADS. Have YOU voted yet, Oh Best of […]