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An Open Letter to my Mother


The plan was, your letter would post in the night and be there for you first thing, Mother’s Day morning. Look, I missed it! This is how you know this letter is really from your daughter. I look at my letter to Jane, and I know you would never ever have forgotten your […]

This is NOT the Cabin Where I Will Be Murdered by Sex Cannibals

This is not the cabin where I will be murdered by sex cannibals.This is just a picture of a cabin by a lake that I found on Wikimedia Commons. However, it does look an awful lot LIKE the actual cabin where I will be murdered by sex cannibals. More on that in a […]

A Different Kind of 3 Questions

Okay. Look. There were some BRIL entries. THANKS everyone who played—you guys are so creative! I especially liked Frances in England’s The Wreckoning (or even The Unwreckoning), Therese’s Kudzu Revined (LIKE REWIND! GET IT?) Jennifer’s The Past is Not Even (HA—Smartipants!) And Tenessa’s Deja Kudzu. (You have to say the ZU really loud. Like, dejakud-ZU!)



I have a buncha files saved on in MS Word named variations of “Blog Blog Blog.” I have more than a decade’s blogs saved up there. It is actually verging on ELEVEN YEARS. About a fourth of my life. I have written these blogs in three different houses on three different computers in two […]

Apology Cookie

Remember when I was sick? Not me. Not much. It is kind of a mucus-y, eye-juice coated blurry-lensed blur of blurredness, as if I lived 3 days filmed through cheesecloth. During that time, I flat did not show up for a book event, which is not like me. So I went back Thursday to make […]


LOOK what I will be doing this afternoon. 4 PM EST. You come, too. Pretty please? Sugar etc? It will be fun.

THIS IS WHERE THE CHAT TAKES PLACE (to be clear) (because I got a couple of asky emails)

I am going to put on eyeliner and a nice top. SECRETLY, […]

The Mommy Dog in the Meadow


So, we know from Monday’s blog that there is nothing to see here, right? Just a harmless little box with giant mammals and continents on it, sitting in the middle of the springiest spring meadow that ever sprung. TRA LA.

And it is genuinely a NICE […]

Two Words in a Card with Little Birds on The Front

SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY is one of AMAZON’S BEST BOOKS OF THE MONTH, Beloveds, and it launches in one week plus one day. That means you have seven days left to come and have Virtual Book Tour with us.

(The VBT is explained here if you do not know what that is—Plus you […]

Art Story (and a Thanks!)

Dear Kazamir Malevich,

I SUPER love the way you play with perspective—Cow and Fiddle? RIGHT ON. Englishman in Moscow? You have so brought on the sexy there. This self portrait? Yes, PLEASE, I’ll take two. But later on in your life, right about the time you started doing all this Red Square: Painterly […]

Do You Like Me? ___Yes. ___No. ___ No, but we are friends anyway. (Check One)

LOOK! I went to SIBA. It’s the Southeastern Indie Bookstore Alliance Tradeshow. SUPER FUN and I dressed correctly. I know because I am dressed JUST like an awesome handseller from a store I love in Athens — Avid.

This is the only outfit I wore at SIBA that I did not get THRIFTING, […]