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3Q with Mark Childress (and a PRIZE drawing!)

I’m about half-way through the delicious Georgia Bottoms, a brand new novel by the irreplaceable Mark Childress, and I can hardly wait to get back to it. If you’ve read Childress before, you know what to expect—his signature rich humor infesting a story that explores the vagarities of the human heart. If you haven’t […]

3Q with Liz Michalski. And a PRIZE DRAWING. And an Off Ox.

This might well be an Off Ox. Lord knows It is big enough. Do Off Oxens read?

So in my blog entry over at The Lipstick Chronicles, I said I didn’t know someone from Adam’s Off Ox. Someone asked what an off ox was, and I said:

If you are plowing with TWO oxes […]

3Q with Karen Abbott (and a Prize Drawing)

Karen is coming! Karen is coming! Here to Atlanta. Come hang out with us Tuesday and celebrate the launch of American Rose.

January 18, 2011 Ballroom Book Bash (hosted by A Cappella Books) The Highland Inn 644 N. Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA 30306 Time: 7 p.m. Contact: Frank Reiss, 404-681-5128, frank@acappellabooks.com $10 tickets or […]

3Q with Sonny Brewer

Oh Best of all Local Beloveds, please come out and see me with Sonny Brewer, signing copies of Don’t Quit Your Day Job (and he and I will both sign our other titles, shoudl you so desire, and what a great Crhistmas present signed books make….

We’ll be here on Friday evening starting at […]

In Which We Break From the Feral, Pajama-ed, Maniacal Drafting

The black bottom ones are better, but any sugary port in a draft-induced profanity storm, I always say.

I was beginning to feel I would never leave my room… I have been contemplating exciting blog posts about my action packed days of sitting with a computer in my lap, but what’s to tell? All […]

3Q with Sara Gruen (And a Contest with an extra Perk)

The gorgeous and sugar hearted Sara Gruen not only agreed to do a 3Q, but she is donating three SIGNED copies of Ape House as a prizes. I’m going to see Sara in New York Saturday (I am flying up to meet my new editor…more on this later) and so I will close the […]

3 Questions with Anne Zouroudi (and a contest!)

OKAY, RIGHTEOUS HEALTH POSSE! I will be moving the fitness challenge stuff over to Five Full Plates next week, where Gray, Mir, Kira, and Lydia (when she returns from eating unpasteurized cheese in France) can get in on the action and also to keep FTK moderately safe from my ongoing fitness-lunacy.

Today, I am […]

3Q with, um, Me

I can’t very well sit down with myself, so I sat down with my Best Beloveds to answer Three Questions about BACKSEAT SAINTS, my other work, and my process as a writer.

Backseat Saints is already a New York Times bestseller and in the July issue REDBOOK recommends it for book clubs, saying […]

3Q with Me (and a Contest)

The place to be at 7 PM tonight!

I need a Category called “I don’t learn.” It’s a thing I said – AS A JOKE— to Julie over at What Women Write when she was interviewing me last week. But it is not a joke. Apparently.

I say I do not learn because […]

3Q (and contest!) Jennifer McMahon

It was the cover that got me. The direct gaze of the young girl on the front of the hardback edition. In that version, she’s blonde and the picture has been cut into cubes and put back together slightly wrong, but it’s that same wary, guarded look that speaks of secrets and and a […]