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3Q with Lydia Netzer (Yeah, with PRIZES)

Just leave a comment on the blog (or on Facebook, because, why not) before Sunday July 27th at midnight EST to be entered to win.

GRAND PRIZE: A Download Code for the Audiobook version of HOW TO TELL TOLEDO FROM THE NIGHT SKY by Lydia Netzer, read for you and ONLY you by me, […]

3Q with Susan Rebecca White (AND A PRIZE DRAWING!)

Just leave a comment and you will be entered in the drawing to win a FREE SIGNED COPY of A PLACE AT THE TABLE.

Most of you know I love me some Susan Rebecca White. She debuted with BOUND SOUTH; I impulse bought it because of the cover before I knew her at […]

3 Questions: Lydia Netzer (& a CONTEST to win the AUDIO BOOK!)

Okay, I have a GREAT and entertaining interview with Lydia in a sec, but first…would you like to win a copy of the audiobook, which I read? I have THREE copies up for grabs this go round…

All you have to do is, HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THIS BOOK. A book […]

A Good Hard Liquor: A Contest for Cocktail & Good Book Afficionados Alike

My Favorite Quote from the Comments yesterday comes courtesy of Kira: If you feed the squirrels, the terrorists win. Because squirrels ARE terrorists and they win by eating.


To your left, you will see Ann Napolitano. She is holding the hot fresh new paperback of the book […]


THANK YOU for the movetastic advice. I have actually cut and pasted bits into a list TO DO. Also thank you for the reassurance and cavalcade of voices shouting at me to drink liquor. You are wise! I bourbonically concur!


So the publicist in charge of WEDDING CAKE FOR BREAKFAST has ponied up […]

3Q With Lanier Scott Isom – And a CONTEST!

SO I am in Alabama all week and I meet a girl at a book signing named Crimsynn. And of course the first thing out of my mouth—because I am in Alabama—- is, “So, are you named after Bama’s Crimson Tide?” And —because we are in Alabama—-her answer is, “Of course!”

Man, I love […]

Three Questions: Kim Wright (and a BOOK GIVE-AWAY!)

Kim Wright been writing about travel for more than 25 years, so who better to pen a novel about the end of a marriage and the beginning of …something else on a plane? It’s called Love in Mid Air, and Publisher’s Weekly says, in a starred review, “Wright hits it out of the park in […]

3Q with Ann Napolitano

Last night I went to Decatur to hear Ann Napolitano talk about her new book, A GOOD HARD LOOK, a novel I have fallen absolutely, unabashedly in love with. SO in love with it am I, I can end a sentence with a preposition over it, and not even BLINK.

It’s set in Milledgeville, […]

3Q with Bridget Asher — WIN THIS BOOK!

You know I am a sucker for a great first line. THE PROVENCE CURE FOR THE BROKENHEARTED has one of the best first lines in the history of first lines. Are you ready? Here it comes:

Here is one way to say it: Grief is a love story told backwards.

That KILLS me. It’s […]

3Q with Deb Olin Unferth (Win This Book!)

The text in this video is the ACTUAL LETTER she sent her parents. No, really.

Revolution by Deb Olin Unferth (book trailer) from Beacon Projects on Vimeo.

The book is Revolution: The Year I Fell in Love and Went to Join the War, and it got a lot of rave reviews, and it […]