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What Was Failed, Part One

This may well be WHAT WAS FAILED, PART ONE OF ONE, but I had to put part one in the title because I can’t take on the subject of WHAT I FAILED and get even a partial list in a single blog entry.

Honestly if I were to try and blog that subject […]

In Which Velociraptors Chase Me Down Memory Lane

The last time I saw Jurassic Park, I was living in Oak Park Illinois, just outside of Chicago. Scott and I were SO freaking poor, I can’t even tell you. Scott had just completed seven years of higher education… in THEATRE. We were both just ecstatic he had a job.

It was […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Do pR0n.

Look here is a picture of a dog so beautiful he ought to be subverted into my dog posse. His name is COWBOY and he has screwed up eyes. One eye is blue and the other eye is half blue and half brown. It makes him look goofy and demented and beautiful, like […]

Train Time Is Now

Don’t forget – in the entry below this, you can enter to win a copy of Bridget Asher’s latest delightful novel!

This happened in Douglasville recently. I was there. The good news is, I am pretty sure no one was hurt, unless the truck counts. That truck looks TERMINAL.

I am not […]