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Some Alabama in Some Pictures

We went for Lydia’s SHINE SHINE SHINE One Read even at Auburn. I did it last year. This is a GREAT event, and Chris and Ashley and the Friends are AWESOME. Look, Ashley always does an amazing book-specific display. Lydia’s lit up and featured a lot of WIGS and WIG HEADS.But while we were […]

Tiger in Your Tank (PG-13)

Yesterday, touring Alabama after a morning well-spent writing, we had to stop for gas. I didn’t notice until the needle was in the red, and we were rocketing down a kudzu soaked two lane highway. My windshield was painted yellow from driving through so many plants in full-on orgy mode. A gratuitous number […]

Back in ‘Bama

This is the actual lake where I am writing my actual book. It’s truly going now. I am finding the voice. It helps that it is 1982 here. Lydia says I am wrong. She says it is feels more pre-1978. Maybe, yeah. This is the American South where I came of age. It still […]

Food in France

Do you remember this book? It was charming and entertaining, but also IRKSOME, because sometimes it fell into an unconsciously entitled tone that assumed SUCH luxurious wealthiness—-it felt a little GOOPy, if you know what I mean. You know GOOP?:

“For the perfect snack after my zen-yogatation-pilates class with my Swedish muscle-elongation-technician, I like […]

How to Go to France

Proof of France! Scott and I stand in the French and therefore awesome rain while the Eiffel Tower lights up and sparkles LIKE A BOSS.

Here is the first thing you should know about how to go to France: It is likely that you can go to France.

And you should. France is […]

The Saddest Dog in France (and other tales from Avignon)

We thought this was the saddest dog in France…

Until we saw this fellow, hanging out of a fourth floor window, stangling and damp.

In some lovely gardens above the Pope’s Palace, we saw a lizard. Then another lizard came over to her and hopped on top. “Are they fighting?” Maisy asked. […]

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner: UPDATED TWICE

I MEANT TO DO THIS SUNDAY! Here is the winner of TRISHA SLAYS DEBUT, from comment number 3 per the fickle choosering of the choosery Random Number Generator. We HATE him. He never picks you. Unless you are Linda J, in which case he did:

Linda J, May 21, 2013 at 10:26 am I […]

Perks and Picks

Last day to enter to win Trisha Slay’s debut YA!

Author perks exist. They are a true thing. Most of the time they are just little niceties, such as, you go to a lit conference, and they have a hospitality suite, and it is stocked with FREE FOOD and FREE WINE (free is […]

AFK for a Bit

SO hi there. On Tuesday, after I posted, an ongoing heart problem put my dad back in the hospital. (He’s had 8 stents tucked into a single messed up artery in the last 5 years.)

Last year, when the 7th stent failed, they sent him to the best heart specialists in the country, who […]

Tucson in Pictures

It’s so foreign a landscape, so clearly OTHER, that it made me re-realize that wow, this is a BIG country. I felt a little like I had flown through space to get there. Kept looking for green chicks in scanty clothing, with the requisite Captain Kirk to mack on them.

The plants are INSANE […]