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The Final Fail

First, important info— I will be on Book Club Girl Talk Radio tonight at 7 PM to discuss SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY. This is not a CHAT, like with typing. This is actual human talking. Here is all the info and instructions on how to join.

Please come chat with me! I will […]


We have had a very wet summer here in Georgia. Umbrellas have proliferated in my house, de-humidifiers the size of VW Beetles are all over my church, and a weird flesh-leafed bog plant is popping up all amongst my fescue. I seriously think it may be lily pads. My lawn is full of LILY […]

Here There Be Dragons

I need a new best friend. VERY badly. Are you her? I am going to write a personal ad about it.

Desperately Seeking My New Best Friend. MNBF should be female, live in the greater Atlanta area (Decatur preferred). MNBF has HBO and a strong desire to invite me over once a week to […]

November 6

Pretty Fans! In between whatever other little voting-type errands you may do today, please don’t forget to vote A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY in the BEST FICTION of 2012 award poll over at Goodreads.

Look, a handy link for voting!

Don’t neglect to pass the link on via facebook, tweet, and […]


No one on this futon has insomnia.

Here is the crappy thing about having insomnia: You have a twenty hour day, so you are generally much tired-er than people who sleep.

Here is the SUPER thing about insomnia: YOU HAVE A TWENTY HOUR DAY.

So you are a little DROWSY, so WHAT. Do […]

Pre-Emptive Disclaimer: I Am Sure Many Well Endowed, Nice Men Own Chevys

So while I was at IKEA getting the desk and office chair for the living room, I also picked up another Billy bookshelf. Digression: The books in my house all seem to share rabbit ancestry; I am POSITIVE that the second I leave ANY room with more than one book in it (read: every room […]

An Explanation

My best beloveds have essentially asked me, “Joss, why are you so bat-crap crazy, crapping crazy bats?”

In lieu of a straight answer, I give you a list of reasons why it is bad to schedule your life via a sacred paper calendar:

1) Rememer that superfun day when I lost the sacred Paper […]

The Secret Language of Us

Today I am over at my group blog, The Lipstick Chronicles over-sharing some of my posse’s vocabularies. Come tell me yours!

Meanwhile, for those willing but stumped for ideas to get into the Nonnish Foxery going on below, in the comments for the previosu entry, Mr. Husband and several of the Best Beloveds have […]

Robert Pattinson is Kind of a Douche

Dear Twihards, please do not stomp me with your feet until I die. I don’t mean YOUR RP. I mean the one who left the below comment on my blog, along with a few thousand links to truly creepy goods and services:

“lol i ponder whether commenters truly read the stories before writing or if […]