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<3 and Lipstick

Firstly and foremostly, thank you. It’s weird, but writing all this MY MORTAL ENEMY crap down, even in an abbreviated and anonymous form, and having you, my tribe, posse up and get ready for a good fashioned book burning—-OH maybe it is wrong, but it made me feel SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Also I let […]

Lipstick, Moose, Lexicon, Mean

Today I am over on The Lipstick Chronicles, posting a group blog I wrote with Sara and Karen on retreat.

It has seals. Maybe Navy, maybe not. And registered sex offenders. And Pizza. So. Come on over and grab a slice.

Meanwhile I am trying to write this HIDEOUSLY complicated post for here where […]

Onward to Abbott-Town

Firstly and most important, Karen Abbott, my whoodie and a member of the evil trio who make up my writing group (Abbott, Sara, and Lydia), is guest blogging today over at the THE LIPSTICK CHRONICLES, so make clickies here and come learn what secrets she exposed when I posed the question, “What’s the trashiest […]

Living in Alanis-Land

Today I am irresponsibly SUCKING by blogging super late over on my group blog, The Lipstick Chronicles.

Come join the conversation! WHICH IS LATE TO START. Because of me sucking. Ironically, it was ALREADY written, just not posted, and contains a line where I MOCK MY CHILD for being unable to turn in a […]

Make the Clickies

Today I am discussing THE VORTEX GENE on my sassy-pants new group blog, The Lipstick Chronicles. I like it there. They call their Best Beloveds “Back Bloggers” which is weird, right? But not TOO weird as the initials are right. BB. And in all otherwises, they are SUPER cool.

Everyone is so CHATTY – […]

Boss of Me

Today I am blogging over at Southern Authors about GOOD READS and should I go there? And really? And that seems CRACK SMOKING CRAZY to me, so REALLY? Yes? No. Yes?

Come on over and tell me what to do.


Go Red Lipstick (?)

That’s my official GO RED T Shirt—it has a silver spangley red dress outlined on it and is cut for girls. This pic is a link to the GO RED store where you can get this shirt and other goodies and raise money and awareness and maybe a few boy-pulses because it is a […]

A Little Linky Lovefest

I have been anthology-cally busy this last year, and I forgot to tell you.

My good friend Sonny Brewer invited me to be in a very cool anthology called Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs They Quit. I wrote about my terrible year as a paper-toting office monkey. […]

Linky Love Day

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a signed, personalized copy of Sara Gruen’s APE HOUSE, currently sitting prettily on its furry haunches at #8 on the NYT bestseller list.

Today I am blogging about a mythological creature called “My Fashion Sense” over on Five Full Plates. My Fashion Sense has a […]

Three of the Thousand Little Things I Meant to Tell You

1) Over on Five Full Plates I am talking about Foodie-ness and Fashion—and looking for a new challenge involving the latter. Come play!

Because if you like Casting Crowns, you’ll LOVE this. Obviously.

2) Remember when I blogged about Pandora, the musical genome project? Basically you build your own radio stations by telling Pandora […]