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A Story in Pictures

The end


TODAY my guest blog is a REALLY OFF THE WALL q and a courtesy of Powell’s, featuring hand puppets, cats, yoga, and various kinds of banging. Here we have no blog. Just a winner announcement.

So, remember the PRIZES for the VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR? No? You can see them here. We did it […]


SO last night I was in FAIRHOPE, doing a book tour event, and I was supposed to stay over but I just kinda—I needed to be home. SO I cancelled my hotel reservation (THEY WERE SO NICE TO LET ME without making me cry or even explain too much) and I drove 6 hours into […]

The Mommy Dog in the Meadow


So, we know from Monday’s blog that there is nothing to see here, right? Just a harmless little box with giant mammals and continents on it, sitting in the middle of the springiest spring meadow that ever sprung. TRA LA.

And it is genuinely a NICE […]

Things I Want to Put Into My Brain Using The Sensory Input Nodes in My Eyes and Ears

FIRST, a response to a comment on last week’s blog entry. Let me say, Cakeburnett, I appreciate your deep desire to NOT end a sentence in a preposition, especially one about my tiny dog. That is something up with which she will not put.

Ansley is a grammar Nazi, and if you muck about […]

The Friday Redirect, Because I Noticed It Was Friday

This is me at Dekalb School of Fine Arts yesterday, where I am apparently teaching some rather gifted young writers how to feel up an invisible mermaid. (Or perhaps how to kindly adjust her seashells, as based on my hand position, her top has gone a bit wonky.)

Charity, I told the kids, begins […]

Linktastica Guestblog, or, An Ansley Deferred

The A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY tour is all Alabama, all the time this week…Mobile, Fairhope, Montgomery, Birmingham! Please come out and see me, even if it stinking rains. Again. We can have fun even if we all come slightly premoistened.

Come February 9, at The Alabama Booksmith, VBS ends, so you cannot […]

That Lemon in the Red Lipstick Is So So Out

It’s the day of my last post over on The Lipstick Chronicles, and I squandered it on existential blog angst and French jokes. Come play!

Below is my favorite post I ever did on TLC, moved over here, since TLC will cease to exist at some point in a POOFING “no one is paying […]

The Right Rites

I JUST jumped back into the blog with all my many feet (Don’t judge me! I need all these feet!) and WHAT THE WHAT!?

The first thing I do is run off to my group blog and not EVEN post here? FOR REALS?

Yes, for reals, I am at TLC today talking puncture […]

The Friday Redirect

An Open Letter to the Fat Girl I saw at Hot Yoga in New York City