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The Importance of Being Ansley, Part 1: The Bagel Back Story

REMINDERS: I am in Florida and Alabama now. If these are your stomping grounds, check the tour schedule and come see me. We will have fun. Pinky Swear. We are getting SO CLOSE to Virtual book Signing at Alabama Booksmith, so if you want a signed first edition/ personalized book stating you have the best […]

In Which Scott Triumphs Over All the Christmas

This Pilot Did Not Win Christmas

This is very late, but Strep prevented me from caring. Or sitting up. I am finally better, and antibiotics are miraculous.

I love to win Christmas.

Okay, let’s be real. I love to win. ANYTHING. I have a problem.

I had to stop playing online Scrabble […]

His Favorite Physicist

The blog entry after this will be titled The Movie Ballerina Sex-Love Playa Fallacy Comparison. Which sounds like an episode title for The Big Bang Theory. Which relates because the title of this entry is…see above.

First, some context. And a wee bit of name dropping…

Best Beloveds of course remember that Stephen Colbert […]

Matched Set

(I had to cut this down to make it fit on Twitter, which I did because it was too long to tweet, but really too short for a blog. But here I am, blogging the actual word for word version ANYWAY, because I am STILL so dern charmed by it.)


Me: *coming […]

An Explanation

My best beloveds have essentially asked me, “Joss, why are you so bat-crap crazy, crapping crazy bats?”

In lieu of a straight answer, I give you a list of reasons why it is bad to schedule your life via a sacred paper calendar:

1) Rememer that superfun day when I lost the sacred Paper […]



from Cake Wrecks: it looks like they needed a little more…cake room

It’s our anniversary today. 17 years. Not a very exciting one, really. Scott and I are unmoved—We call it, The Meh Anniversary.

LAST YEAR we were all kinds of excited about it. SIXTEEN! That was the year my marriage finally […]

A Birthday in Pictures

Yes, yesterday WAS my birthday (oh my Facebook informed Best Beloveds!) thank you kindly for your felicitations.

Our plans: Dinner out with wine and convivial conversation, and then a trip to the good movie theatre to see True Grit. But you know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men….Yes. They […]

Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti

nom nom nom

My kids like this ridiculously expensive macaroni and cheese. See how I blame them? But who bought it for them the first time? Who enabled this preference for mac-a-chee that costs three times more than the blue box stuff with the nuclear Velveeta powder that I was raised on? That’s right. […]

Winners and a Whiner (and a cry for help)

The folks below won Abbott’s excellent new book, American Rose. Which, by the way, is now officially a New York Times bestseller! SO some of you darling human beings were too impatient to wait for the drawing and went out and bought a copy.

Or you gave copies to your friends, or you […]

Naughty Nick

I have been SO ill. Today is the first time I am up and around, and it was the weekend that my side of the family all got together for Christmas. Please oil up your pity glands and remit sorrow on my behalf. Although I am feeling sorry enough for me for all of us, […]