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An Open Letter to my Mother-in-Law

Dear Jane,

I am a mother. SO. I know: I was not the girl a mother dreams of for her son.

I hope my Southern good manners will stretch to cover my worry should Sam one day bring home a tatty, googley-eyed, egocentric, mouthy object with a questionable sense of humor, especially […]

Belated Romantic Twaddle, The Best/Worst Edition

Here was our worst Valentine’s day: I was a newish Mom. Sam was about to turn one, and he was eating a lot of solid food and weaning himself.

I’d had a year of zen-nursing hormones. While on that heady brain cocktail, I’d felt lush, lovely, generous, and magic. I lolled about, MAKING […]

French, then Scott-ish

I just got a note from a French grad student who is writing a thesis paper on gods in Alabama. Or, as she called it — as ALL the French apparently call it—-The Day I Killed Jim. I went to look up the translator’s name and stumbled across this webpage. It is a French […]

Targeted Warbling

FIRST, For Beloveds Far and Near: Check out this interview I did with Tom Franklin (Crooked Letter Crooked Letter) and Beth Ann Fennelly (Great With Child) about their new novel THE TILTED WORLD. This is an excellent, entertaining, gorgeous book about how these bright, fragile, hopeful threads of human connection spin out and entwine, […]

A Picture of Monday in Bleach and Blue

Mango would like it known he resents being cast as the ominous murderer in so many of my recent blog pet pictures, to which I reply, “Perhaps you should stop looming around, terrorizing Ansley. Maybe stop making blood-lusty throat-goat warbles and giving yourself minor brain damage by hurling your face into the glass in a […]


We skipped Christmas this year. Dad had a very difficult and fraught recovery, and he just didn’t feel like having Christmas. WE didn’t feel like it WAS Christmas.

Christmas is welcome to come without ribbons. Or come without tags. It can come without packages, boxes or bags. But I need Daddy carving the roast beast […]

Succulent Vines

I hate the word succulent. It should only be used by EXTREMELY creepy vampires who are speaking of pale, wasting virgins in empire waist dresses, and then the vampires should IMMEDIATELY be staked for saying it, preferably by someone good looking and ruddy, who should then swoop the girl off her fainting couch and […]

The Vocabulary of Sass

The man, now that he is all DECATURRED UP, is getting back-chatty. He loves it here. He is blooming.

Like, you know my friend Susan Rebecca White? SRW is a wonderful writer and a known foody. Every restaurant we love best, she has told us about it or taken us there.

SO […]

18 or 19 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

He speaks my shorthand. He knows what “Let’s be mice ladies” means. He understands me when I say AH BLAH BLAH HELICOPTOR! AH BLAH BLAH SPAN! He can navigate the convoluted rules governing whether or not a person should be given a Cathead; he has never wrongfully Catheaded me, and he has never protested […]

My Beautiful Mid-Life Crisis

I have decided to live to be exactly 88, at which point I will drop dead onto the tarmac. I plan to have wispy tufts of lavender hair not actually covering much of my shiny smooth cap of scalp. I will be sporting a generous dollop of crooked-y pink lipstick, some on my lips and […]