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Why Is This Country Store and Cafe in Rural Georgia Called “Goats on the Roof?”

Here is a POP QUIZ for after you view the film.

1) WHO just bought editing software that let’s them edit their iPhone movies on PC?

Did you guess? Hint: It rhymes with Possalyn. Hint 2: It was me.

2) WHO doesn’t really understand how to hold an iPhone while filming?

Hint: Same answer […]


TODAY my guest blog is a REALLY OFF THE WALL q and a courtesy of Powell’s, featuring hand puppets, cats, yoga, and various kinds of banging. Here we have no blog. Just a winner announcement.

So, remember the PRIZES for the VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR? No? You can see them here. We did it […]

Everything, Eventually

I am finally processing the New York Flip Phone videos. I stayed with Karen, and Sara had one day off from book tour, so we took her eldest son all over NYC, trying to cram in as much NYC as possible. A little shopping (Sara got everyone commemorative dried palm animals from a street vendor, […]


I have been on the death march week of the tour. It goes like this: Get up at ungodly-thirty, go to airport, get on plane, get off at another airport, sit, get on a plane, get off plane, get cab, throw bags in hotel, fluff hair, go to event, have the only fun 2 hours […]

What Did Willy Nelson Say?

Hold outs, hold no more. Last minute-rs, your favorite moment is upon us, by which I mean, the last one. THE VIRTUAL SIGNING HAPPENS IN THREE DAYS. This is the very last time I will put the button up. Mostly because I am heading out on the road again and the code for the […]

Zomgah! It’s a VLOG!

Best. Review quote. Ever.: “A sizzling chunk of Southern Gothic…But it’s not only the nail-biting, sinuous plot that gives the book, to quote one of its characters, “a hundred different kinds of pure, naked crazy.” It’s the way Jackson writes, like a woman whose hair is on fire, batting at the flames with one […]