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Targeted Warbling

FIRST, For Beloveds Far and Near: Check out this interview I did with Tom Franklin (Crooked Letter Crooked Letter) and Beth Ann Fennelly (Great With Child) about their new novel THE TILTED WORLD. This is an excellent, entertaining, gorgeous book about how these bright, fragile, hopeful threads of human connection spin out and entwine, […]

1 Donkey, 2 Dogs

Prospectors in what was then the "Pikes Peak" region (Public Domain image)

Okay, if you scroll down one entry, you will see that I am looking for the literary source of particular Donkey story I heard in a sermon, and ALSO discuss a CREEEEPYYYYYY quote from a Stephen King Novella surfacing on a local […]

I, Sustainable Unicorn

Let’s talk about this bag of Quinoa.

That, oh my beloveds, is not any old bag of Quinoa. It is the bag of Quinoa I bought two months ago, maybe more, when I decided to move from being a person who knows how to pronounce Quinoa to a person who actually OWNS some Quinoa. […]

The Best Things in Life are Free (for example, Dumpster Pants)

Google tells me that Urban Prairie Girl on Etsy makes what looks like superlative fantasy pant. The Fabric is correct, the pockets are a PLUS. But they need to be bigger. Good fantasy pants will hold at least two of you. I bet she could make them bigger…. This image is a link to […]

The Cat of Damocles, Looming on Ash Wednesday

Scott took this pic. Ansley is looking at me. See the worried ears?

She is asking me with the plaintive eyeballs WHY I have allowed this AWFUL, TERRIFYING CAT, the one with all the POINTY BITS on his EVIL FEET, to perch above her. Do I not KNOW this cat can drop upon […]

How I Finally Got Organized and Learned to Love my Closet

I wrote began a long series about my TOTAL INABILITY to have tidiness be a regular guest in my home/car/life. It started with AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EVANGELLICALLY ORGANIZED and ended, well, nowhere, and never because of my aforementioned TOTAL INABILITY TO BE TIDY.

Now? I am a very organized person, in a […]

Black Pig Christmas, Cow New Year

Actual black pig

When Sam was three, he noticed this black wrought iron pig on the fireplace. More specifically, he noticed it was EVIL. The pig loomed up huge in his dreams, chasing him and knocking him down the stairs and pouncing on him and eating him from the feet on up, “While I […]

She Doesn’t Get Eaten By the Eels at This Time. Neither Does Her Father.

What's that swimming toward me??? Is that… LUPUS?

So, hi. Still not any sort of settled. Update, Short Version: My dad came home from the hospital, was home 18 hours, couldn’t breathe, went back, fluid around his heart, complication, more surgery.

He came through the second surgery like the eel-killing bad-ass that he […]

Fun and Weepsies

A sadly PARTIAL LIST of everything that has made me ugly-cry publicly for the last two weeks:

In Sunday school we were discussing Eli, who raised just GODAWFUL sons, but I defended him, saying, “Hannah took Samuel to live in the temple when he weaned, so at most the kid was four, which means Eli […]

Nized: Organ, Part 2 (This title makes sense in my head)

Dear North East Coasties, Hang on. We are praying for you guys. Love, Joss.

Part one is HERE.

When last we blogged, I had been previously unaware that I was mortal, and I had come to know it. Not intellectually. Viscerally.


It’s such a Bee Eff […]