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A Story in Pictures

The end

Llama Level Happy-Smalls

Medical science can’t figure out what is still going wonky in Dad’s heart. He is tough and a superhero and doing really well, but we want ANSWERS and there are not any, so far. WE ARE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT, right? Remember? Shhhh. But I said I would keep you in the loop, […]

The Destressification of Weirdos

SELS LAUNCHES IN PB tomorrow. Equal parts Exciting and terrifying.

I am trying to find ways that help me DESTRESS that do not involve 1) Buttloads of strenuous exercise. This is my FAVORITE. When I am unhappy, I run straight up a mountain, frantically paddle the elliptical for an hour, or do rigorous […]

Bad Brain

Emily Clever is the second winner of the SELS SHARE image contest!

I have this weird sanity blind spot, where I never actually believe I am SICK. Even when I am demonstrably, incontrovertibly infected with microorganisms that are wrecking me on every possible level, like, say, I have a fever of 102.6 and mucus […]

Picking Pizzes

This is Oedipus, Maisy’s snowman. I named him Oedipus because he only had eyes for about five minutes. No worries. He did not become eyeless via a huge, regretful gesture after learning that the Snowqueen he just married was actually his mom. Oops, I forgot to warn you: that may have been a classic […]

To Do: List Things To Do

So yesterday this well-known professor of Christian Ethics guest-preached, and he confessed publicly (so I have no compunctions about reconfessing for him here) that he and his wife have 100 New Year’s resolutions between them.

Seriously. He has 60, organized into a neat outline with Roman numerals and everything. He made them into a […]


LOOK what I will be doing this afternoon. 4 PM EST. You come, too. Pretty please? Sugar etc? It will be fun.

THIS IS WHERE THE CHAT TAKES PLACE (to be clear) (because I got a couple of asky emails)

I am going to put on eyeliner and a nice top. SECRETLY, […]

The Preemptive Big Sad Retrospective

With a deft wit and a series of stellar twists, Jackson creates a conventional love story that is also something more: an exploration of what draws people together, and pushes them apart; a commentary on faith’s ability to unite or divide; and a reminder that “death brushing past makes people hungry to connect to […]

Death by France-y Pants

The Virtual Book Tour is still happening, all the way up to the evening of November 19th.

Remember my France-y pants? These are magic writing fantasy pants I found dumpster diving in Avignon? They are PINK and TERRIBLY UGLY and flop-tastic and you could fit in them with me and we wouldn’t even have […]

Suicidal Wormsphabet

The other week, the weather turned here in Georgia. It made the worms, turn, too.

Scott and I decided to take the dogs out and found ourselves walking into a worm-abattoir of horror. The cool rainy October night before had fooled a bunch of earthworms into meandering out onto the asphalt and sidewalk and […]