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We Went Medieval on that Birthday’s Butt

I met my husband doing a summer of George Kaufman plays with the Playwright’s Repertory Theatre in Florida. It was the first time I got paid actual money to act. This Summer Rep even had a few equity actors passing through; The Rep gave out of towners a place to live and paid enough […]

The Other Ear Drops

So I put the kindly, warm-hearted, touching-ish, coming of age half of the ear piercing story over on The Lipstick Chronicles. And yes, it was all true. But…

I may have left some things out.

One was, I was taking a lot of FLACK for not re-piercing mine when she pierced hers. […]

Four Ways to Know You Are Old

1) You go on a date with your husband, and you pick FRIGHT NIGHT, the remake, because you both saw the original and loved it when you were teenagers. Once at the movie theatre, you look at all the posters, and MANY of the movies being advertised are remakes of movies you saw when you […]


So. Being fourteen and a high school freshman means one is old enough for one’s own computer. With one’s own internet connection. To do one’s own research and schoolwork, natch, but also because the world if full of smug Protoss on Starcraft 2 who need to be ganked by your righteous horde of bulimic, […]


Beautiful Maisy, who is barely nine, wants things. She is the THINGIEST member of the family, though this may be just because she is the youngest… Still she is the only one who gets excited when catalogs come in the mail, and she picks out everything from Hannah Andersson backpacks to pink-ingfested bedroom suites from […]

An Explanation

My best beloveds have essentially asked me, “Joss, why are you so bat-crap crazy, crapping crazy bats?”

In lieu of a straight answer, I give you a list of reasons why it is bad to schedule your life via a sacred paper calendar:

1) Rememer that superfun day when I lost the sacred Paper […]

Yes, Bette, I Believe It Is!

So yesterday, beautiful Maisy who is about to be barely 9 had her first cat fight. Over a boy. Ohhhh ye gods and little fishes.

There’s a fifteen minute window between her car pool time and her brother’s, and she spends it in study hall. Yesterday, she came trailing out to the […]

We Interrupt Vermontian Content to Bring You: SNOWPOCALYPSE!

My house looks like a Christmas card!

Mir is calling Georgia’s immersion in the white stuff this word, and so did my husband, and so did my pharmacist who I managed to get on the phone yesterday, so apparently it is a Zeitgeist term that is being randomly adopted? I accept it, because I […]

Naughty Nick

I have been SO ill. Today is the first time I am up and around, and it was the weekend that my side of the family all got together for Christmas. Please oil up your pity glands and remit sorrow on my behalf. Although I am feeling sorry enough for me for all of us, […]

I Suppose There’s Nothing Left but Some Weird Form of Sexism at Big K-Mart

Maisy Jane’s dream wedding cake….

Beautiful Maisy who is about to be barely nine was sitting in my office playing this Disney Princess game on my computer. You take a little girl virtual paper doll, make it look like you, dress it up, and then put in on backgrounds to interact with Disney Princesses […]