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The next generation of nerds spent the first SNOWY internetless evening playing old school D and D with REAL DICE. NO actual demons were summoned and their souls were not stolen, in direct opposition to several highly acclaimed D and D movies from the 1980s.

I actually prefer SNOPOCALYPSE, but I have been voted […]

Monday’s Child is Full of Weather. So is Tuesday’s.

UPDATE: I just found out that SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY is the NOOK FIND. which means that TODAY only, it is 1.99 on Nook. Update 2—I just heard Amazon is price matching that.

SO Atlanta schools shut down for two days because…it was cold. *blink.*

It was gorgeous and sunny, and the sky […]

What Maisy and I Did Today

They are melting! Because a snowman would have a very short life expectancy in Georgia. Anything with that much sugar on it and butter in it has an even shorter life expectancy in my house.

My fave is the fellow who has lost his nose. He is nonplussed! This is as Martha Stewart as I […]


We skipped Christmas this year. Dad had a very difficult and fraught recovery, and he just didn’t feel like having Christmas. WE didn’t feel like it WAS Christmas.

Christmas is welcome to come without ribbons. Or come without tags. It can come without packages, boxes or bags. But I need Daddy carving the roast beast […]

Inside the Kid Brain Lies a Wonderland

Maisy has ANOTHER stomach flu. We are going back to the doc on Monday because I am getting seriously worried she has something wrong. They thought she had Crohns when she was little.

In my worry I got it in my head that this had something to do with the move. Old house…Lead paint…. Like […]

I Would Finish My Book On Time If…

It was 9 million degrees. The person in this suit lost twelve pounds and then died of heatstroke before being allowed to enjoy their smaller jeans size. Tragic.

ALL MY ONE THOUSAND CHILDREN will stop having stomach flu, going camping and befriending several thousand lice that have to be poisoned and then hand combed […]

On My Forehead

I would tote water for a cat who could do this. I would tote water or gold or sushi grade salmon or whatever he wanted.

Lydia Netzer is currently holed up at her farm in PA, trying to write 2K words a day with both her children present, and AS A HELPFUL BONUS, all […]

Today’s helpful hint, because I AM A HELPER: If you ever have a massive brain cramp and can’t remember the name Georgia O’Keeffe, EVEN THOUGH YOU LIVE IN GEORGIA, go to Google and type, “flower paintings that look like female ge” and google will already be saying, “GEORGIA O’KEEFFE, DUMMY,” before you can reach […]

Maisy Says The B Word

Maisy on the Stairs, photographed by Erin Virginia Jackson

The Cast: The neighbors across the street have a teenager boy named Trent, and then a couple-three younger kids who are in the HERD of neighborhood children that Maisy plays with. One night, the neighbors had friends over, and the friends had two kids: Teenager […]


The RNG has spoken! Yay for Ashley, the triangular orange six footed monster of comment 19, who has won GRACE AND GRIT.

Poor Maisy Jane had a stomach virus. She was up all night puking in a 49 – 52 minute schedule. Which meant we had just enough time to watch a Doctor […]