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Pandora’s Latest Box is Full of…Boom?

If you go to the archives and do a search for “I don’t like songs,” you will very quickly come to the conclusion that…I don’t like songs. Yes, I am aware that I have no soul. But really I have decided that it is true-er to say I do not like MUSIC. I’m a writer. […]

File Under In-Freakin-Sane

I am on a flight to San Francisco, and someone invented GO GO. It is internet for planes. I am simultaneously drinking red wine, blogging, and listening via the Delta infotainment system to Prince’s Purple Rain (because I am old and, even if I do not like songs, beloveds, I like songs better than Chatty […]


Honestly, I have the best friends alive. Sara realized my Malaprop’s date was actually the first stop on my tour, so she threw me a spontaneous party at her house. It was quite awesome. Also, Loretta Lynn was in town, and downtown Ashville has nine parking spaces, so she hired a car to take us […]

Please to Advise Re: Contests

Congrats to Laurie Meeks and Michelle Pendergrass, who each win a copy of Jennifer McMahon’s hot new paperback release of Dismantled.

Randomness is SO DARN RANDOM that at times it seems absolutely…cleverly planned. The results were so weird that I decided to print screen and clip them out and post the images, because otherwise […]

Robert Pattinson is Kind of a Douche

Dear Twihards, please do not stomp me with your feet until I die. I don’t mean YOUR RP. I mean the one who left the below comment on my blog, along with a few thousand links to truly creepy goods and services:

“lol i ponder whether commenters truly read the stories before writing or if […]

The Tuesday Redirect

I need this shirt. And to know the answer to this vitally important question.

Have you noticed the categories here on the new blog? Scroll down and look at the left menu bar. You will see I only have SIX categories…a little joke Word Press is playing. It won’t list a category until that […]