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Mean Memes

Kimberly from FTK posted this quote on July 3, 2014 at 2:22 pm. She is winner 1 in the William Morrow quotes contest. Winners 2 and 3 announced in the next two posts!

Mono has grounded me. When I am not working, instead of going about with kids or friends or to yoga or […]

Nature v/s Nurture v/s Just Plain Dumb

Yesterday my friend Thomas said to me, “I took a bunch of cold medicine, but I feel regular. But bottle has dire warnings on it telling me not to drive and/or operate heavy machinery because the meds will cows drawsiness.

Me: Did you just say “Cows Drawsiness?”

Him: No… Wait. Did I?

Me: Please […]

Not Like The Other Like: A Sesame-Tastic Interactive Multi-Media Blog-Sperience

Oh Best Beloveds, TOMORROW I am going to post a one SHORT succinct post that that explains The Virtual Book Tour without my usual 1,000 digressions. The new one will show ALL the prizes. *excite*

But today I want you to play this You Tube video, and as the nice lady sings I want you […]

The Technophile’s File

The facebook link will get fixed today. It is broken because Tavia, a friend of mine at Morrow (who also happens to be a genius), saw the whiny, fussy entry before this and merged my facebook pages. Now I have only ONE facebook page!

And therefore no reason to fuss. BOO.

You know I […]

Hey, Remember the FAQ?

Me neither!

I AM supposed to already HAVE one. I know that. The work is theoretically done.

You were THERE when we did it, remember? You Best of all Possible Beloveds helped me compile a list of questions. If any question sounded even remotely familiar, I assumed it was because they had […]

An Explanation

My best beloveds have essentially asked me, “Joss, why are you so bat-crap crazy, crapping crazy bats?”

In lieu of a straight answer, I give you a list of reasons why it is bad to schedule your life via a sacred paper calendar:

1) Rememer that superfun day when I lost the sacred Paper […]

Vermont Part Two: I Am Not Illiterate, I Just Play an Illiterate Person on Television. Alternate Title: PINK SOCKS, Ahoy.

I am not as angry with my laptop as this guy was with his. But it’s CLOSE. (pic is a link)

So my last entry was SO typo addled I thought of following up by posting an entry that simply said, “Tiored. Sleepilish. Pls remit waffles. Lols my laptop is bork in the mousepartz ohnoez111!!!1111one” […]

Something Color Monday?

I forgot to add procrastinate and do the thing you already put off four times

Hello! I am back from out of town and tired of turkey now. Ham for Christmas, please and thank you. I have many things to tell you. I am going to number them because writing a list always makes me […]

Tech NO! logy

Julie on a little pregnant has clearly worked out some sort of minor deal with Cthulhu, wherein he gets to spread 1/27th of her soul on a Ritz cracker (EVERYTHING tastes better when its sittin’ on a Ritz. Even the oldest of the Great Old Ones knows that…) and Facebook becomes her love slave. […]


I know a terrible person. I have crossed paths with him more than once as I have travelled, and I have met many people he has worked with. At this point, I feel pretty comfortable in believing that he’s an awful human being. Too many stories from too many disparate sources, all with common themes, […]