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The Cat of Damocles, Looming on Ash Wednesday

Scott took this pic. Ansley is looking at me. See the worried ears?

She is asking me with the plaintive eyeballs WHY I have allowed this AWFUL, TERRIFYING CAT, the one with all the POINTY BITS on his EVIL FEET, to perch above her. Do I not KNOW this cat can drop upon […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Cat Vomit

There’s things I can’t blog about. Stories I can’t tell. Sometimes I can’t tell them because they aren’t mine. Sometimes they are PART-mine, but if it isn’t mine outright, I do not tell the story. I try not to even refer to the stories.

The upshot is, last year I blogged very little, and when […]

Black Pig Christmas, Cow New Year

Actual black pig

When Sam was three, he noticed this black wrought iron pig on the fireplace. More specifically, he noticed it was EVIL. The pig loomed up huge in his dreams, chasing him and knocking him down the stairs and pouncing on him and eating him from the feet on up, “While I […]

Typical Sunday Morning

Every self-respecting Disney Princess needs a strompy castle…

The dogs have gone to breakfast. I am lounging in bed with Mango on my chest, and Mr. Husband brings me coffee and gets back in, too. We lie there scritching him in tandem while he looks smug and lets us know he deems our ministrations […]

And We Hired Mango, Lord Puff of Puffington

A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY is officially launched in PB! WHOOOOOO and stuff. Mr. Husband heroically swapped all the sidebar links to the PAPERBACK, for ease of one click shopping. You should go buy it, either for yourself if you have not yet read it yet, or HEY it makes a GREAT gift, […]

Hip. Trip. The New PA.

HIP: I injured my sacroilliac joint.

This is the joint that connects your leg to your butt and lets you swing said leg all about.

It is apparently a VERY IMPORTANT joint to have healthy if you want to do stuff like SIT or WALK or NOT BE IN AGONY.

Actual grumpy […]

The Magical Mystery Smell

SO this weekend, a smell happened. It was not a good smell.

I went into my office, which adjoins the laundry room, wherein lives The Dread Cat Box, and I could SMELL the presence of the Dread Cat Box. Like, entering one room of my house, I knew a cat box existed in another. […]

Sunday Dinner

It’s the last week to put your eyes to right, click on the audio cover of SHINE SHINE SHINE and hear me read the first chapter for free. It goes poof I think July 1? Via MacMillan Code Magic? NO IDEA HOW. But it might.

SO! My friend Alison told me about this contraption […]

The Hairy Irony

You know those magnets on the back windows of cars, or stickers? Or whatever they are? They show the family, and now that I think of it, they are mostly on vans. Anyway, they show little stick figures to represent the people in the family, and sometimes the kid ones are very specific, like […]

The Importance of Being Ansley, Part Three, Finally: Eat, Bay, Love

So if you scroll down there are two previous Ansley blogs that explain who and how and why Ansley is. Now. Here is a true depiction of three dogs.

Bonneville: Bonneville was a foster dog. He was not allowed to stay at my house.

Bonneville had a very terrible life before he met us. […]