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Sick Bed Funsies

The third and final SHARE IMAGE winner came from Suzann Moffitt Ledford! Contest closed, thanks to ALL who played. And hey — please consider PINNING this or throwing it up on Facebook to let everyone know the PB of SELS launches NEXT WEEK. 0.o

PAUSE and LOOK!The site changed, did you notice? My amazing […]

Update, Update, Transcript from a Tour-versation

Also Y chromosome owners of taste and heart. nodnodnod

UPDATE ONE: Event. If you were at the ILL-FATED BAM event that got Flu Smacked into not happening, I am so sorry! I will be there on a make-up event on THURSDAY NIGHT. Yes, tomorrow, so in time for Christmas, and this event will be […]

Truck Splits to Enya

1) Truck Splits to Enya would be a great weirdo garage band name. Imagine a kind of peg-jeaned band with throw-back mod hair and a retro-amusing take on synthesizers.

2) I asked you for funny cat videos and no huggings, and OH did you respond. I have seen EPIC cat videos, including one where these […]

My Cool Friends

I have the coolest friends. One of them is Skeet, a guitarist with LOOK WHAT I DID.

He dropped by the blog and heard my CANDY song – which, if you have not HEARD the Saga of the Candy song, you really need to drop down one entry and Read this first.


FB, B, F, in that Order.

FB (Funly Business): Scott got the button for THE VIRTUAL TOUR up. See it over there? In the sidebar to the right. Hit that button and you can get a signed or personalized hardback first ed first printing of book I TRULY think you (or someone on your Christmas list) will enjoy, signed the day […]

Three Pieces of Advice You Did Not Ask For, On Topics You Were Not Actually Considering

ADVICE NUMBER ONE: You should read Richard Russo on the toilet.

No, but, you really should. I was recently found by an old and very very very odd college acquaintance on the Facebook (OH! INTERNET! WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE YOU???), and when I asked him what he was up to these days, […]

Things Said or Written by Some People I Love

I hate blogs about why people have not been blogging. SO this won’t be that. I will just say, my best cat died. I am blue. Several people I love are having very hard times right now, with bad cancer situations and other family crises, and I can’t FIX any of it, or even really […]

The Zoo in Pictures, Part 1: Giraffes. Especially Gordon.

My sweet friend Patty Callahan Henry and her daughter Meghan used their awesomeness to get the COMPLETELY AMAZING Marcia (B-Ham’s large mammal curator) to take me and Susan Rebecca White on a special ZOO TOUR in honor of Susan’s Birthday and my existential angst ridden mid-life crisis. I have to tell you—this was the […]

4 Things, Almost Entirely Unrelated

1) Dear Book Page, I […]

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

The Intrepid Fenchurch Fenn, being all intrepid.

I spent most of my vacation time dead in my underpants.

By which I mean, I PLAYED DARKFALL with a fervor that bordered on fanaticism.

Amorphous people-shaped objects would rise in my peripheral vision and SAY things at me, things like, “Joss do you want […]