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Nothing Bad Has Happened

Assume no assumes. I am just Crazy Busy in the Face, trying to get out of town for a week.

As a place holder, and so you know it is all well, I am putting up and OLD post I love, that I had forgotten, that is true and dear. In it, Beautiful Maisy […]

Silent Assumption

Let’s play Silent Assumption. If I go silent here, assume things are bad. As in, Last week, Dad was back in CCU for the bulk of it. If you notice me not blogging, and you are a you who prays, my silence is an excellent indication that it is time to throw in a […]

Gangnam-Good Intentions

SO. I owed you a dance. Yes? If you check your yellowed dance card from 20 years ago, you might see my name is there, by Gangnam.

I had such good intentions! I got deep into the campaign for Good Reads, and my friend Alison came up with the video idea. I said no, […]

Bravest Bird

Soon after we moved here, Scott hung this bird feeder up on my office window . It has a silver mirror panel, so the idea is, the birds can’t SEE IN and don’t know I am sitting here, trying to work on a new novel and desperate to be distracted, as I ALWAYS am […]


1) They moved dad out of ICU. He is on the mend. Man, that guy is tough. He will be home soon, they say. I’m going to Bama to help mom. I am SO tired from being sleepless and fretful and such—and if I feel like THIS, she must be feeling like this CUBED. Maybe […]


A small portion of the mighty Warhammer forces currently infesting my mantel shelf

You know how you SAY things if, you think a thing is super unlikely to happen, like how you might SAY if your kid gets on the honor roll you will buy them an EXHORBITANTLY expensive Warhammer model kit, thinking, “OH, […]

A Rallying Cry for Big-Time Help

We’ve had the storm of the decade menacing and then tearing up the east coast, and it feels kinda weird to be all HEY! A GOOD THING HAPPENED, but…a good thing DID happen, and I have to talk about it, because I need your help to make it keep happening some more.

I am […]

Organ: Part 1 of Organ-ized. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

One sec— First! Go HERE.

I LOVE this blog. It’s where you take page 69 of your novel and see if it can REPRESENT #dorksign. I got to do it since A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY just came out in Paperback, and BY THE WAY, if you have not gotten your copy […]

An Open Letter to the Evangelically Organized

Dear Evangelically Organized,

If you are a Multi-Sized-Tupperware-Having, Tidy-Closet-Owning , Where-The-Scissors-Are-Knowing (assuming a child has not absconded with them to “give my little sister’s Barbie’s a makeover” while you read this), Meal-Planning type … go with God.

This letter is not to you.

It is only to you if you are described above AND […]

Cookie Fall-Out

To answer the repeated queries in the comments: It was delicious. A++. Would eat again.

Here is an ACTUAL conversation I had soon after the cookie blog went live, as closely as I can remember it.

Setting: Alison and I are talking on the phone and simultaneously surfing the web, looking for a […]