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Kale Meets Yorick. Alas!

So yesterday I went out for lunch at a Mexican place in a strip mall. The kind with combo plates, you know? Like 1 burrito, 1 enchilada,1 taco with rice and beans, and the sodas come in big red nubbled transluscent plastic cups and they stealth calorie you to death with an endless […]

The Friday Redirect

Me and Lydia in our roaring twenties.

HAPPY FOURTH. I am off for a week at the beach feeling like a PHLEMGY POO PILE. Hurrah!

I blogged a different place BUT BEFORE YOU GO, Do not forget the contest going here until the 11th. You could win one of the very first PB copies […]

Syllogistically Speaking

Dogs are bad. Bagel is a dog. BAGEL IS BAD.

SO I was home for MAYBE 24 hours (Thursday and Friday), and NOW I am in Dahlonega, one of the settings in SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY, for their lit fest. March is crazy with lit fests and travel, so of COURSE March is when the […]

Me Before You

I was home from tour for Thanksgiving – I head back out on the road again TOMORROW for the last leg. If you live in any of these places left on tour, please come on out! ALSO If you WON Virtual Book Tour, please send me a snail addy or whatever I need to get […]

Not Like The Other Like: A Sesame-Tastic Interactive Multi-Media Blog-Sperience

Oh Best Beloveds, TOMORROW I am going to post a one SHORT succinct post that that explains The Virtual Book Tour without my usual 1,000 digressions. The new one will show ALL the prizes. *excite*

But today I want you to play this You Tube video, and as the nice lady sings I want you […]

In Which I Unrepentantly Slaughter Thousands

Well, not personally. But I stood by and watched.

The Murderous Hornet Man came, he saw, he murdered hornets. Look, in this picture, all those hornet are dead, dead, dead. He was very excited about his hornet-murdering product. It was a DUST. It had freeze-y properties. Or something. I was not excited about the […]

WARSPS! (Not a typo. I said Warsps. I meant Warsps.)

I am reading this REDDIT post about all the horrid things that some unethical funeral directors will tell you that you MUST do to and for bodies. Expensive, yicky, invasive things, and these sad poor destroyed mourning people pay for it all, thousands of dollars…

Me to Scott: Please don’t bury me at all, when […]

Social Media-tors

Lord, I have SUCH crazy-eye in this photo. I look like a cannibal. Or at least a potential cannibal. A lady with cannibalistic aspirations.

“Hi! I am Crazy-Eye Jackson. I love hallucinogens, taxidermied possums, and travel. I hope to one day visit The Sierra Nevada and eat some people. Donner Party Tourism, ya’ll. […]

Winners (Vicki and The Sibbie) and Losers (My Nostrils, Lungs, and Joints)

First, Immediately, and with Heartfelt Apologies for my tardiness, let’s talk to that hopeless crack addict, The Random Number generator, and see if his drug-addled brain can come up with the right number to land you a piping fresh hot copy – signed – of Susan Rebecca White’s latest, wonderful novel A PLACE AT THE […]

3Q with Trisha Slay (And a Prize Drawing!)

HEY! Remember 3Q’s? Where a writer would drop by for a visit, answer 3 questions, and if the book sounded like something up your alley, you could leave a comment to be entered in a contest to win a FREE SIGNED COPY?

Well—looks like we are doing that again. Cool, eh?

I first met […]