When I was little, whenever we played the THREE WISHES game, I would say I only needed ONE. I always wished for the ability to reach into books and pull things out into the real world. And sure, practical things like MONEY or a NEW BIKE were available in books, but that was rarely where my mind went.

My wish meant that I could pull out Nixies, if Nixies were needed. (There was a blackhearted devil of a girl named LISA who tortured me in fourth grade, and in my opinion, she SERIOUSLY deserved to have some Nixies set on her.) I could pull out dresses made of spiders silk, and aliens, and talking cats, and friends like Trixie Belden, who was always stumbling across mysteries and whose life was so much more interesting than mine. I especially wanted to pull out this loyal and big hearted horse named Galileo from my favorite pony book. (I pronounced the name GAH-lilly-oh, having not yet heard of the astronomer.)

Fic-Facts is my family's pet name for an odd version of this wish that I have found myself doing in recent years. It is short for objects that I make up in my books that we then commission artists to actually create. Fic-Facts is short for "Fictional Factuals," and you say it fast so that it rhymes with "tic-tacs."

I did not have a Fic-Fact made for gods in Alabama. I just bought a bottle of Jack. And drank it.

Mama's Little Fox Doll from Between, Georgia

Laurel's Bride Quilt from The Girl Who Stopped Swimming