Comments: Second Verse?

Too funny - I was logging on to suggest In Plain Sight since we share so much in tv taste (my mother would insist that was an oxymoron) when I see that you have started a whole new post. I can't watch tv when I walk - my balance goes severely to the left if I try) so I listen to books on my iPod. I love your voice and the voices you give to the characters! Although it was rather difficult to keep up my pace while sobbing when Fisher was lost! I made quite the sight - my 11 year old son kept asking me if I was ok.

I am looking forward to the SECRET PRIZES and since I am new to the site my hope springs untarnished!

Posted by Rikki at August 11, 2008 9:48 AM

and you really think we're all gonna fall for this AGAIN?????

Posted by Sequana at August 11, 2008 9:49 AM


Posted by Lydia at August 11, 2008 10:03 AM

Hee, I actually kind of like not being bugged too often, and getting a chance at "secret prizes". Whatever they may be. It could be a snip of Bagel's fur for all I know, but it would be cool to be able to say a famous-type author gave me something, so I have signed up!

Posted by Brigitte at August 11, 2008 10:44 AM

Of course I signed up! I sort of hope the prize isn't Bagel's fur-clippings, though. I'm hoping for pink socks!

Posted by Aimee at August 11, 2008 10:57 AM


You do not need to apologise to me, since I promised you a story a day until your rooms started cooperating, then lost teh internets in a major storm in which lightning struck our pool frame. To clariy, this was the _first_ lightning storm, and the strike was on the leading edge of the storm, and it made our teeth hurt and our chest feel like we'd been punched and our telephones and other electronic equipment smell like smoke. Yes, they were on surge protectors, and no, apparently, when you have _THAT MUCH_ surge, they really don't do all that much.
The second storm, which made NPR, saw me and the caboose huddled in the basement, with the dog milling around us frantically and the cat pacing with here eyes full black.
I shall gladly sign up for the mailing list, but if the gift _is_ Bagel's fur, I will decline, since I still haven't vaccuumed up the dog fur wildly shed during the storm...

Posted by JulieB at August 11, 2008 11:30 AM

Um, nope, I don't remember any of that. So I'm kinda glad it didn't work out the first time, because if it had, then I would've missed my chance!

Posted by alala at August 12, 2008 1:29 PM

Television recs - Wonderfalls. They only made one season but a glorious, not to be missed season it is - sort of like Firefly is worth the one season (and a movie), in that it's all about the witty characters, but without all the vast reaches of space part. There is however, referencing another post, a waterfall. A big one. Netflix it!

Posted by Laume at August 12, 2008 7:54 PM