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I'm in an airport twice each week and I'm noticing this is becoming more and more prevalent and I.Hate.It! But then these BATHROOM CELL PHONE TALKERS probably do it at home too and ackkkkk...

Posted by pam at April 2, 2008 12:16 PM

I've horrified a couple of people by bringing my phone into the stall with me... until I show them the Solitaire game I use to tune out the other pee-ers ;-)

I HATE it when people talk on the phones when they're in the bathroom! So rude

Posted by Beth at April 2, 2008 12:30 PM


Posted by daysgoby at April 2, 2008 2:47 PM

Peeing while talking on your cell at the airport or anyone else is just icky. Another pet pee-ve of mine which has nothing to do with pee actually but which I find annoying is to be talking to someone and to be able to tell that they are smoking. At that moment that smoke itself is not infecting my lungs, but there is just something so annoying about it anyway. Gahhhhhhh.

Posted by Mary Ann at April 2, 2008 3:36 PM

See, while I think that's disgusting, I don't think you're going to get people to stop talking on their cell phones in the bathroom when you can't get them to FLUSH the &^@^#! TOILET in a public restroom. That really makes me go "eww"!

In completely unrelated news, you were beutiful and gracious and fabulously funny last night at the Atlanta Center for the Book event. I now how all of my copies of your books signed! Thank you so much for coming and sharing. I know you had to have been exhausted after your tour.

Posted by erinanne at April 2, 2008 4:58 PM

This has been an utterly crapulent evening. I would like to thank you, and Boggart, for making me crack up laughing. I needed that!

Posted by Amy-Go at April 2, 2008 8:37 PM

Argh! I hate the bathroom cell phone talkers, too, but I refuse to alter my biological needs for them. If you're going to talk on the phone, you run the risk of having the other party hear me pee. Don't like it? Place your call elsewhere.

Posted by Daily Tragedies at April 2, 2008 8:47 PM

I was in a [big box book store] restroom, which is usually icky anyway, and the women next to me was on the phone. WHY OH WHY?! I relished flushing loudly in the middle of her conversation. This is a disturbing trend - people have no boundaries anymore.

Boggart's lolcat is awesome! Nice floor/pretty wallpaper, btw.

Posted by JenniferG at April 2, 2008 9:06 PM

Boggart rocks!!

Posted by DebR at April 2, 2008 9:10 PM

Boggart is no longer "little yellow" now he is "big yellow".

Posted by Heather at April 2, 2008 9:21 PM

I just don't understand why people do this. But then, I don't understand why people do a lot of things, including rummage on the the floor of their vehicle for 6 blocks in the middle of morning traffic. Boundries. Consideration. Sometimes I feel like these words are as antiquated and outdated as forsooth and fortnight these days.

Posted by Jessica at April 2, 2008 10:00 PM

Argh, and the people who call you when they are in the bathroom. I"m pretty certain I heard my boss making loud bodily sounds on the other end of my phone the other day... way too much info.

Posted by Cele at April 3, 2008 12:40 AM

So is big yellow cat trying to show big white cat how to use the water bowl?

Posted by Cele at April 3, 2008 12:41 AM


Posted by Trace at April 3, 2008 10:57 AM

Amen, sister.

Posted by Kira at April 3, 2008 9:45 PM

Amen, woman, that is the GOSPEL TRUTH. can you believe at my job--at The Bank, no less--they have had to post signs--not just IN the bathroom, but actually in EACH INDIVIDUAL STALL, asking people not to talk on their cell phones in the bathroom.
when I run into this problem I like to flush. Repeatedly. Preferably on either side of the person on the phone, hehehe. And have done so before!

Posted by Elena at April 4, 2008 7:33 AM

Oh, WOULD that it were only airports. I work in an office building, and all of the suites on the first floor share a bathroom. We have several cell phone talking pee-er peers, and it's quite irritating.

Posted by Aimee at April 7, 2008 10:42 AM