Comments: He Who I Wear My Hair For

And leaving you so excited that you are posting at 4:56-freakin'-AM!?

Posted by Brigitte at January 13, 2008 8:03 AM

Do you think you could give us a tutorial on how to embed videos? Cause I'm dying to learn.

Love the ode(s) to Scott. BUT, I'm a little surprised that you're so excited about the cereal. Now if it were bacon, or fat potato fat fat, then I'd understand. Are you doing your crazy Bible diet again?

Posted by Leandra at January 13, 2008 8:52 AM

I am not at all surprised over your cereal excitement, as the new cereal clearly scores UMPTEEN BAZILLION VIRTUE POINTS, thereby allowing you to have dessert to balance everything out.

And RAH RAH RAH, YAY SCOTT! And not just because he's gonna fix my Toy Box link. ;)

Posted by Mir at January 13, 2008 9:37 AM

The site looks fab, so YAY SCOTT! And YAY JOSS too just because you're awesome :)

Now, it brings me just a bit of sadness to note that, to date, your tour is not bringing you anywhere near to me. In fact, the closest stops to good old Virginia are in NY and SC, both of which are about an 8 hour drive from VA (or more depeding on which part of the state you'll be in!). Now, unfortunately, in Charlottesville, we really only have used book stores and a Barnes and Noble, and I know you prefer to appear in awesome little indie bookshops, so I can understand why you'd not be coming to my town. BUT - I'm only an hour away from Richmond, which has a few awesome little indie bookshops, and an hour from Lexington, which has one or two, and an hour from Lynchburg, and two hours from all of Northern VA (Arlington, Alexandria, etc), and three hours from Norfolk/VA Beach (which is a bigger drive but my husband's family lives there so we're there anyway a lot and arranging a special trip would be not a problem at all). And I would go anywhere in this state and possibly to NC or MD to come see you, so please, I'm begging - come to Virginia!! We're Southern too, I promise! :)

Posted by JenA at January 13, 2008 11:12 AM


You are coming to my NEIGHBORHOOD!!! Seriously, I'm so excited I can't even tell you.

And you told me that you didn't think you'd ever make it to Nor Cal!!! oh, oh....Now to decide which time to see you -- can I offer to take you shoe shopping?

Posted by Patricia at January 13, 2008 11:34 AM

Oh, sure, you can give us savvy Cajuns credit for "caches", but you are coming no where near here for your book tour-- pas bon, ma chere, pas bon. ; )

Posted by Jill at January 13, 2008 11:40 AM

Yeah! Boston! I will be getting a sitter, and losing weight and memorizing your books and all books so I look learned and pretty when you come and say "who do I make this out to?" and I say "Em" and you do and I walk away all flushed and embarrassed that I sounded so stupid when I said Em. Who says Em like THAT anyway? So stupid! Yes, there will be much preparation and later self degradation. I can't wait!

Posted by Em at January 13, 2008 1:27 PM

What a wonderful, wonderful man. And my children THOROUGHLY enjoyed the YouTube vids.

Posted by Roxanne at January 13, 2008 4:35 PM

Sigh...I still see no mention of Kentucky on the appearances page. There is never a mention of Kentucky on the appearances page. Did I mention "sigh?"

I really want to see both Enchanted and Sweeney Todd and neither of them have shown at the little movie place nearby. (I know it's bizarre to say I want to see Enchanted and Sweeney Todd in the same sentence, but says something pretty accurate about my taste in movies!)

Now I need to go pre-order TGWSS!

Posted by DebR at January 13, 2008 4:59 PM

I want to second DebR's, SIGH!! Please come to Lexington, Kentucky! Deb R and I will be nice and we promise we won't bite, but instead will take you out for a bite!

Posted by Heather at January 13, 2008 6:13 PM

You STAR, you embedded videos! How perfectly cool are you?!

Oh my yes, we are OVER THE MOON that you're coming here. Lillian has even taken the next day off so we can hang out after your Third Place signing, if you're up for it and not too totally jetlagged.

If they put you up at the Alexis, ask to not be put on the street side. Even on a Tuesday it can be party central for downtown. Otherwise the Alexis is grand!

I'm going to hear all about you when Corenlia comes to sign in Feburary (along with Louise Ure, it's going to be SUCH fun!), so I'll know how to behave...although in the glory of meeting you, I might possibly just biff it completely so that you'll make frantic excuses to be busy after the other signing.

Oh but YAY you're coming! We tell everyone the story of our books being in jail, you know!

Posted by Fran at January 13, 2008 6:49 PM

Love the San Francisco, Illinois reference.

Absolutely LERVE it.

I'll try & get a gang together for your Book Passages reading...


Posted by Martha O'Connor at January 13, 2008 9:03 PM

Is the link already up for the pre-ordering of signed copies? Did I miss that? 'Cause I want to do that. Although, I see you have some time while you're in Boston and VT and maybe just maybe you're working on a visit to Providence? They have a college bookstore, too. AND an indie bookstore. I fear my capabilities of getting to either Boston or VT at night are slim, but I have a couple of months to figure out how to make the long drive home without falling asleep at the wheel. Although may I say Providence has EXCELLENT food? Do you like Italian? Providence is less than an hour away...

Posted by amy at January 13, 2008 9:28 PM

Love the Fic-Facts. The quilt is amazing.

Posted by Wilma at January 13, 2008 10:53 PM

I couldn't find the FicFacts page yesterday, but I went looking again today, and OMG - the quilt Pamela made is freakin' AWESOME!!!

Posted by DebR at January 14, 2008 6:37 AM

Hi Joshilyn! It's so refreshing to read how in luuuurve you are with your hubby! I just had to say that.

Posted by Pattie at January 14, 2008 7:59 AM

OMG! I had resigned myself to no Joshilyn up here in the frozen north, but thought I would read the appearances page just in case.

And discovered you will be at my FAVORITE Milwaukee bookstore, Harry Schwartz, in less than two months! I'm in Madison, but would gladly drive to Milwaukee to see you! I sent my husband a very excited email that may have had the subject line "!!!"

Anyway...see you in March! I'm very excited about this.

Posted by Erin at January 14, 2008 3:32 PM

You are in fact going to be at 2 of my favorite bookstores -- Seattle Mystery Bookshop and Third Place Books. But, alas, I no longer live in Seattle. SIGH!

I am apprx. 120 miles from Book Soup in LA. I absolutely hate driving in LA but I think I can handle it to finally meet you in person.

Posted by Patti D. at January 14, 2008 5:08 PM