Comments: Holy Crap

Oh, I'm so sorry :(

we've had power cuts here all week, and I'm *so* lucky my box is still working.

Fingers crossed Scott can bring the novel back! xx

Posted by diane at June 30, 2007 10:11 AM

Aww! That sucks!

We've had storms recently too... I think I'm going to go back up now!!

Posted by Heather Cook at June 30, 2007 10:31 AM

Bummer days Dudette. Go Scott, Go. He's probably kind of happy you're on your way to Mars, Georgia so you're not crying over his shoulder as he tries to fix your metal box. Here is fingers crossed, candles lit, and nice thoughts sent to the computer gods for you.

Posted by Cele at June 30, 2007 11:06 AM

Oh no! When my laptop fried my hubby pulled out the hard drive and hooked it up to this thing and was able to download all the info onto another computer. If you think that'd help you, I can ask hubby what that thing is called. (Oooo I am so technical minded)

Posted by Laura at June 30, 2007 11:15 AM

I feel your pain. I lost an entire screenplay outline that way. (And I promise to happily eat anyone who talks about "backing up.")

Posted by Melessa at June 30, 2007 11:17 AM

My deepest condolences. Let us know where to send the Cheetos. Do you like ice cream? I like ice cream when I'm despondent. I'll try to mail you some if it will help.

Posted by amy at June 30, 2007 11:53 AM

Sending many, many Cheetos your way. Scottie the techie - may the computer repair gods be with you!

Colby wants to do the duck park thing with Maisy again. I told him there was a computer's brain that has to be saved first. :)

Posted by Melissa-Colby's Mom at June 30, 2007 12:07 PM

Oh, Joss. ((((HUGS))))

There is a company near us called Drivesavers that was able to recover a completely fried-out hard drive. They have also recovered info on computers that were destroyed in fires, floods, etc. Maybe there is something near you. Or, a quick Google tells me they have gone national. Try them.


Posted by Martha O'Connor at June 30, 2007 12:45 PM

You're very lucky to have an in-house Scott to fix these things. I am going to tell you a story to cheer you up.

Three years ago, my boss had to go to a conference. In Copenhagen, which is of course in Denmark and very, very far from Virginia. She forgot to backup her files before she left, and on the 5th day (so that even if she HAD backed everything up, there would still have been 5 days of e-mail and work that would not have been backed up to anywhere), a ceiling fell on her laptop. That's right, a CEILING, from a 400-year-old building, so you know it was like, stone or something. She, luckily, had stood up and walked 6 feet to the left to chat with someone, so she was not struck and killed when the ceiling fell exactly where she had been sitting. Needless to say, her computer was now something of a shambles. She collect all of the now loose pieces into various plastic bags, etc., and brought them home. The company that we pay to do our IT stuff was able to remove the hard drive, which was CRACKED DOWN THE MIDDLE, hook it up to some computer-ish recovery machine, and recover 99% of all of the stuff that had been on her hard drive. And we all lived happily ever after. Well, except for the computer.

It will all be okay.

Posted by JenA at June 30, 2007 12:53 PM

Oh, man. That is a bunch of holy crap. Wishing you best of luck in the recovery of all items- especially the WIP.
*inserting mobile mate and hitting 'save to'*

Posted by linda at June 30, 2007 12:56 PM

A friend computer recently underwent the same ending. I weep for their loss.

That said, I went over a year without backing up my laptop - and all my writing - then it died a mysterious death. I feel for you.

Posted by Autumn at June 30, 2007 1:46 PM

I feel your pain and am absolutely horrified for you. A very similar thing happened to me right at the BEST time to handle such a crisis, that is a few weeks after I gave birth and was having these crazy mirage visions of what sleep must look like. Only in this case it was a 6-month-old computer that decided just to fry itself for no reason. Nothing was recoverable.

I am SORRY you are dealing with this now.

Posted by Laura Florand at June 30, 2007 1:55 PM

Offical Mr. Husband Update

Said magic box has been restored to it's previously magical condition as evidenced by the fact that I can entering this comment from the self same magic box.

This was the result of buying a $1,000.00 computer two years ago with a $20.00 power supply in it. Unless given no choice, I will never buy a prebuilt computer again. Generic parts make computers most unhappy. The newly installed Antec power supply is humming happily in the background and all is right with the world.

Posted by Mr. Husband at June 30, 2007 2:21 PM

Well, that IS good news! And you are a god among men, Mr. Husband aka Scott! Mine is less techy than I am, which is saying a lot! So glad you were able to save your wife's sanity--we kind of like her out here in cyber world! *wink*

Posted by Sheri at June 30, 2007 6:08 PM

So, so sorry. May the hubby work his magic and restore your soul.

Posted by Lisa Milton at June 30, 2007 6:27 PM

Hail the conquering computer hero Mr. Hubby, mental health numbers are breathing lighter now.

Posted by Cele at June 30, 2007 7:52 PM

oh, so glad it all worked out okay. Phew.

If I could suggest? If you email yourself something to a gmail account, or to yahoo (I think they have unlimited storage now too), it can just sit in your inbox on the web...always there, just in case (and gmail is searchable...very handy).

Posted by amy at June 30, 2007 9:15 PM

See guys? There is no need to do ANYTHING technically required (I will not mention any type of dreaded process as I like my liver and want to keep it, thank you)--just marry the Perfect Man! Three Cheers for Scott!

BTW, I have my own little Scott Story, and what could be a better venue to share it than this? I met Joss at a booksigning in Alabama and was fortunate enough to meet pretty much her entire family as well. I knew from reading her blog that Jackson was her maiden name, so when introduced to Scott I shook his hand, smiled, and said, "Well, I know I can't call you Mr. Jackson!"
To which he responded by firmly--AND SILENTLY--shaking my hand in a way that conveyed "I will NOT be sharing my REAL last name with YOU, Rabid Blog Stalking Fan."
However, since Sam asked to autograph my book as well as Joss, and at what was probably age 8 or so at the time and without the necessary protective layers we learn to swath ourselves in over time, I must admit I smile a little bit every time I see that signature of Sam's full, first and last, name.

It takes a tough man to protect those tender chickens. Go, Scott!

Posted by Elena at June 30, 2007 9:31 PM


Re: The Mr. Husband tech update.
DUDE! You da MAN!!

Re: The Clicky Button Snack Box.
Joss, you crack me up! Nobody can maintain a double digit mental illness number AND wax comedic about natural disasters like you can. Rock on!

Posted by David at June 30, 2007 9:40 PM

A few weeks ago my husband accidentally deleted the video of my son's birth from the computer. It was really a genuine accident, because he even backed it up, but it turned out that the back-up hadn't saved for some odd reason. It was such a sad day in our house. Thankfully, we still have the actual video from the camera. Even so, until we found the tape, it was a VERY sad few hours in our home. All that to say - I can relate.

Posted by Stephanie at June 30, 2007 9:56 PM

Wow. What a disaster. Wow. What an awesome Mr Husband. That must seriously get him some marital capital. Spend it wisely, Scott. So I should probably find out what you all mean by 'back up'?

Posted by Jill at June 30, 2007 9:58 PM

Go, Mr. Husband!!!

I have a super duper handy-at-all-type things husband, too, and may I just say that THEY ROCK! Especially when one's mental health number has reached Mars, and they can calmly and quietly FIX EVERYTHING.

Posted by Lindsey at July 1, 2007 12:08 AM

Oh my goodness! Scary story, happy ending, relief everywhichway, and me backing up my computer right now!


Posted by Fran at July 1, 2007 12:15 AM

Thank you, Mr. Husband, I was about to puke in sympathy for my VERY PRETTY Joshilyn.

:::::HUGE sigh of relief::::::

You married a good man, Joshilyn! My husband (also a computer wizard) started reading over my shoulder as I was saying OMG OMG OMG, and was starting to give suggestions when I read the update from Mr. Husband.

Posted by Angel at July 1, 2007 12:16 AM

Whew, Scott! Just when I was gonna send one of those frozen margarita buckets.

I've tried backing up my computer a couple times, but 1st time, the "backup" function wouldn't even install on the computer. This time (new computer) there's just too darn much stuff on it. So I cross my fingers a lot and unplug everything whenever there's even the rumor of a storm!

Posted by Brigitte at July 1, 2007 7:39 AM

Oh I was hoping at least the hard drive was salvageable . . . but to know that it was just a teensy weensy $20 power supply problem . . .
3 cheers for Mr. Husband! WooHoo!!!

You've saved us all from running up there (or down there, or over there, or whatever if you aren't from even further South) and staring blankly at said box desperately trying to will it back to life. Drinks and cheetos in hand, of course.

Posted by Michelle at July 1, 2007 9:52 AM

Fingers crossed that you get you stuff back.

One semi-bright point, a lot of surge protectors "guarantee" to protect your electronics and will pay up to a certain amount to replace them if the protector fails. Wouldn't replace the data, but could help buy a new box with a happier, more power-on kind of clicky thing.

Posted by ZaZa at July 1, 2007 11:03 AM

Probably would help if I read the other comments first. GO SCOTT! Got a brother?

Posted by ZaZa at July 1, 2007 11:05 AM

SO glad it all worked out!

I was prepared to eat anyone who told you to backup/save, because when I was in high school, I was working on a project in the computer lab for a LONG TIME when suddenly everything froze and I lost it all because I had not been saving.

Then a nerdy kid from my class said, "Well, that's why you should save early and often!"

And I turned and burned him up to a little pile of nerd dust using only laser beams which came out of my eyes.

I still think about that moment with profound disgust and it was almost ten years ago.

Posted by Erin at July 1, 2007 11:09 AM

OMG, YAAAYYYY for Mr. Husband!!!
It actually makes me glad that my own computer headaches kept me away yesterday so I got to read the happy ending at the same time as the nightmarish horror of the original incident. Whew!

Posted by DebR at July 1, 2007 11:35 AM

Take heart! Cart that electrocuted corpse to your local equivalent of The Good Guys or Circuit City, or anyplace that has something resembling a Geek Squad. Offer them your poor, singed computer, cross your fingers, and miracles may result. The same sort of thing happened to my computer, two years ago, and they were able to strip out the hard drive and transfer EVERYTHING from it onto a CD that could then be fed to my shiny new computer. I will be holding a good thought for you as you see whether a Lazarus Effect can be achieved!
All the best,
Judy M in California

Posted by Judy at July 1, 2007 1:30 PM

Clone him. Clone him now. (Think of it as backing up the backup.) Then feed him pie. If necessary, I'll bake it. Beats eating the livers of the (self)righteous.


Posted by rams at July 1, 2007 8:06 PM

First: WEEP!
Second: Happy dancing!!
Third: Remember to save.......

the whales.

Posted by Laume at July 2, 2007 1:35 AM

oh NO! I am so sorry you had to have even a minute of thinking you'd lost all that stuff. But a gigantic YAY for Mr. Husband and his computer-fixing abilities. That is the awesome.

Posted by Aimee at July 2, 2007 10:42 AM

Mr Husband is husband of the year. What a guy.

Posted by Suebob at July 2, 2007 10:53 AM

I hope that the hard drive didn't get zapped and that he can pull it and put it in another computer. If not, there are services that can recover data from fried hard drives. They aren't cheap, but if your novel/contacts/etc. are critical - then it could be worth the price.

Posted by bob at July 2, 2007 1:01 PM

WHEW! I'm glad I didn't see this post before SUPER SCOTT got it fixed. I would have been walking around all weekend in tears at the loss of your new novel.

Hooray for SCOTT!

Posted by Patti D. at July 2, 2007 4:03 PM