Comments: Learning Curve

Is it a story about small, tiny people and their diminutive dogs? 'Cause then I understand the littles.
I've recently discovered that I have an unnatural affection for the word "snuck," which is wrong, wrong wrong.

Posted by Kira at June 10, 2004 11:22 AM

It is APPARENTLY a story about LILLIPUTIANS because EVERYTHING is little little little. Even a digital clock at the Courtyard by Marriot can not escape being diminunized. <--TRUE WORD, means "injected with adjectives that indicate smallness because there is apparently a LITTLE epidemic"

Joshilyn, Still Hip Deep in the copy edits, DONE with removing LITTLES, now RUTHLESSLY hacking out adverbs

Posted by Joshilyn at June 10, 2004 1:45 PM

Do you think Homer had to do all that editing to roll the Illiad out the door and onto the scroll shelves?

Posted by Judi at June 11, 2004 2:31 PM

Judi -- No. But all of his translators have.

Kira -- Your copy editor will relentlessly switch all the snucks to sneaked. EVEN IN DIALOGUE. EVEN WHEN SAID BY A REDNECK HICK WITH A WEED IN HIS TEETH. You have to go sneak STETS beside the snucks.


Posted by Joshilyn at June 12, 2004 6:31 AM