Comments: The Final Finalists or, Alas, Poor Blogging for Books, We Knew Thee Well...

Tra! La!

Thanks for honoring my somewhat wicked little fairy tale (don't worry, it's PG-13).

Congrats to all the finalists!

And congrats to Joss, particularly for the EW review (btw, the book editor at EW is an old friend of mine, but I swear I had NOTHING to do with him reviewing Between--though I will e-mail him and congratulate him on his excellent taste).

Posted by Edgy Mama at July 20, 2006 9:32 AM

I am SO excited!! :)

ALSO, I just HAVE to comment on Project Runway because, OMG I was super CREEPED OUT by Malan and his maniacal laugh, until last night when my heart actually fell to the FLOOR for him. :( And WTH, with Vincent? Everyone was blaming Angela but he wouldn't LET HER help. ...he's.... compelling TV, I guess!

Sorry to hijack. HUGE fan of PR.

Posted by el-e-e at July 20, 2006 9:40 AM

Oh my gosh -- I'm a finalist! And it's my very first B4B ever. *preen* I totally second what el-e-e said above about Malan. At first I didn't like him, but I felt really sorry for him and don't think he should have gone home so early. Personally, I was rooting for a double elimination of Vincent and Angela. Just pathetic. And I love Laura, too! She's my favorite so far.

Posted by Aimee at July 20, 2006 10:30 AM

One day, I will win a B4B, though not while it is here, it seems. Oh well, I will be seeing Joss on Monday.

Posted by Heather at July 20, 2006 11:18 AM

Ahh, the stories that can never be told.

Posted by Autumn at July 20, 2006 11:29 AM

Congrats to all of the finalists...and B4B is packing its bags???? So glad i got to be a part of its last fling here......

Posted by kim at July 20, 2006 11:45 AM

I read WATER FOR ELEPHANTS on your recommendation. and it was wonderful. If only she had a blog like yours, so people could tell her!

Posted by desi at July 20, 2006 4:42 PM

I feel silly, I posted a day late(blush)and on B4B's last run too! I still want to read these two books though; if they are written half as well as Joshilyn's posts; I'm in for some nice surprises, tongue in cheek, and kleenex box moments!! Perfect, and thankyou in advance, Joshilyn!


Posted by North at July 20, 2006 4:44 PM

Patzi Raven's: Behind The Stained-Glass Window is also a great read!! Currently, I'm designing her next novel's cover. What an honour!! My first, commissioned cover job!!

To view her current best seller! I'm working on the cover, for her next one!

What is the name of the author for Water for Elephants? I love good authored books!! and usually choose via recommendations....

Posted by North at July 20, 2006 4:49 PM

What Autumn said...!
Congrats to all of the B4B finalists!
To all of you that get to meet Joshilyn in the future, you are soooo very lucky!!

Posted by dee at July 20, 2006 5:04 PM


Sara Gruen wrote Water for Elephants. Here's a link.

Posted by Ybbf at July 20, 2006 7:33 PM

Thanks, vbbf!! Greatly appreciate you providing the author's name and a link too!!

It's friday!! Have a great weekend, everyone.


Posted by North at July 21, 2006 9:58 AM

No, y'all, this isn't B4B's last run, it's just returning to Jay Allen's site (formerly The Zero Boss and the man who created B4B).

Thanks, Joss, for being a gracious hostess of B4B for all these months!

Posted by Edgy Mama at July 21, 2006 10:09 AM

Um...looks to me like the author's name (Sarah Gruen) and a link to her website is in the blog entry?

Posted by Oliphant at July 21, 2006 4:24 PM

Well I'll be danged. Never thought I had a chance! Thanks y'all :)

Posted by poopie at July 21, 2006 4:27 PM

Thanks EdgyMama for the info, and to vbbf too : )

My son leaves for college in like 3 weeks, looks like I have 3 wonderful books, to keep me company to get me over the hump of empty nest syndrome!

For me too, it's rare to see an auther keep a blog-and I say "kudo's" to all!

Posted by North at July 21, 2006 10:26 PM

What's B4B? Can cats enter?

Posted by Miss China Paws at July 22, 2006 4:01 PM

Wow...those entries are so cool! Maybe I'll enter next time...

Posted by The Money Guru at July 22, 2006 6:00 PM

Congrats to the finalists! Great entries, all of them. :)

Posted by dragonfly at July 24, 2006 3:17 AM