Comments: Everything I Meant to Tell You But Didn't Tell You

Well, you'll need some chooooos to wear to the Oscars when gods in Alabama gets nominated for best EVERYTHING, am I right?
I'd say hold out for the obscene more-than-the-Blue-Book-husband's-car-value shoes, but that's just me, yo.
Also, in the Libertine, while Wilmot was preaching to parlaiment or whatever near the end, I kept expecting him, with his too-white face and his silver nose, to moonwalk across the floor, a'la someone else with too-white face and silver appendages. But no. Dint happen.

Posted by Janet at March 20, 2006 10:35 AM

I LOVED the Libertine as well. Depp was AMAZING. I started telling everyone to go see it. Amazing.

I like the brown suede.

YAY Option!!

Posted by Autumn at March 20, 2006 11:13 AM

Okay, you know I'm as happy to drool over Choos as the next shoe-fetishist, but that pair there frightens me a little. It looks like some sort of rare deadly turquoise spider over the toes. Just sayin'.

Also I think you totally deserve the wedges, and as you've already pointed out, they are A BARGAIN compared to what you were PREPARED to spend. ;)

Posted by Mir at March 20, 2006 12:06 PM

Get them both.

Posted by Martha O'Connor at March 20, 2006 12:29 PM

Okay I'm going to be the voice of reason here.

Run from the Jimmy Choo's as fast as you can. The wedgies were much cuter (and while probably not sensibly priced) and were more sensibly priced and versitile. I know Cele's a kill joy. But I can't justify shoes no matter how pretty they are that cost the price of a car when the materials to make it and labor cost less than $100.

I am old school - dont' go bare legged - nope can't do it. I can note any female and her (imo) harsh, ugly legs. Bare legs look right in shorts and kinis, but not skirts or dresses. Shivers.

As for your hair. It is the second most important first impression item, right after the spinach that you were fortunate to not have in your teeth.

Posted by Cele at March 20, 2006 12:33 PM

i would totally have done the same thing re the hair- for making a good impression it's worth it! x

Posted by diane s at March 20, 2006 1:09 PM

Did you get a photo of yourself with the Good Hair?? Cuz I wanna seeeeeee! And IMO Long On-Camera Interview totally justifies professional styling. Plus, if you call it "professional styling", that sounds a lot more $50-worthy than calling it a "shampoo and blow-dry". I'm just sayin'.

I also think that you could wear those wedges with jeans without being French. I live in Middle-of-Nowhere, Kentucky, ferpetessake and *I* would wear those wedges with jeans.

The Choos are beautiful, but I think you should wait on those until (as Janet mentions) "gods" is made into a multi-award-winning movie and then maybe you can get someone to GIVE you a pair of Choos to wear on the Red Carpet at the awards show. (If you're gonna dream, do it right!)

Posted by DebR at March 20, 2006 1:15 PM

Ah Peach, the professional hairstyling was probably really inexpensive by New York standards, and you certainly deserve it! Think of it as an investment in "gods", although I don't know that you can write it off your taxes...can you?

And the shoes? I loved the tan ones, and I think you'll be able to afford the Choos for the Oscar party, and you won't have to sell off anything in the $100,000 gift bag they'll give you to get them! Dare I ask who optioned it?

Posted by Fran at March 20, 2006 1:45 PM

The wedges, definitely. At least they are walkable. And cute. The Choos you'd have to frame and hang on the wall or something.

Congrats on the option!

Posted by Edgy Mama at March 20, 2006 3:25 PM

I would go out right now and pay $50 for 20 minutes of good hair. And I would use those 20 minutes to buy those SWEET little suede wedgies.

Posted by laura at March 20, 2006 4:38 PM

I'm with Fran -- $50 is NOTHING for professional hairstyling in New York. You won hair! As for the shoes -- buy the wedges, because someone *will* be giving you Choos for the gods premiere, I just know it. An option may be only an option, but gods would make a terrific movie. They'll see that.

Posted by Aimee at March 20, 2006 4:46 PM

get them both!

Posted by Nancy at March 20, 2006 5:37 PM

Come on girls! This is New York CITTEEEYY.

I say go for the Choos. Ah the delish-is-ness of that shoe! Im fairly certain that in THAT shoe, you can do anything. Im talking about your future well-being as an ARTIST. Did Hemingway do anything "moderately delightful?"
You feasted on the naughty meats, didn't you? Go chase those windmills, girl. Buy the Choos.

Posted by Andreia at March 20, 2006 5:58 PM

Oh yes, send us pictures of the $50 hair!

And you can't even put 'options', 'sold', and 'nothing' in the same sentance together, lady.

Posted by Heather Cook at March 20, 2006 11:28 PM

You have nothing to feel guilty about. Getting good hair and good shoes for interviews and such is an investment. You should be able to write off the hair appointment on your taxes as a legitimate publicity expense. If you can also write off business clothes (including shoes) as a business expense, you should go ahead and get whatever shoes make you happiest. This will come across during interviews and booksignings and transmit to the audience that buying your books will make them happy, too.

I can't wait for the movie! Who do you want to play Arlene?

Posted by Elizabeth at March 21, 2006 2:17 PM

Screw those practical (and yeah, ok, way cute) brown wedges! Buy those gorgeous blue Choos and...dare I say it? WEAR THEM OUT. Like, to CHURCH. I sooooooo would. Life's short, buy the fun shoes = my personal motto. ;)

And, WAY TO GO on the film option! That's freakin' FANTASTIC! Congratulations!

Posted by Amy-GO at March 21, 2006 3:11 PM