Comments: The V Key et al

Mine's the six key. It comes off routinely, and when I put it back on, I end up typing twenty or thirty sixes. It started doing this about two weeks after I bought the laptop, and right BEFORE I dumped my first Diet Coke into the keyboard.

Someday, when I can live without it for a week or two, I really have to take it in. Before the warranty runs out.

Posted by Katrina Stonoff at January 3, 2006 10:53 AM

I 'umbly hapologize for thinking the problem lay with a mere keyboard. I can only defend myself by whining that being laptopless (oooo!) myself, I prefer to deny that others may possess them.

Quick, read Thread of Grace and then hold forth at great length on your views -- I'm teaching that in the same semester as Something Rising, Light and Swift (and Gilead and The Left Hand of Darkness, just to get these all out of the way at once.) You're next fall, since you don't come out in paperback until June -- want to suggest what titles you'd like to hobnob with? (Jamesland is an early probability, maybe Drinking Coffee Elsewhere...)

Posted by rams at January 3, 2006 12:04 PM

I knew immediately that Scott did not glower. Just couldn't even picture it.

Posted by Amy-GO at January 3, 2006 12:57 PM

Maybe the laptop keyboard has a crush on the desktop keyboard and the V key is sticking as a way to make the destktop keyboard think they have something in common. Laptops are flirty that way.

I think you are incredibly brave to actually COUNT your TBR pile. Good grief. Mine is mutliple piles and I haven't counted and I ain't gonna. (shudder)

J never tells me to curtail my book-buying either, but he has been known to ask now and then if I need him to build an extra room on the house to hold said books. I always answer yes, but for some reason he never actually does it, which I think is very mean of him.

Posted by DebR at January 3, 2006 1:08 PM

I was so beyond thrilled when I realized my 'E' key had rubbed off. That of course means one is a REAL writer. Or so I was told.

I'm so very happy that I'm not the only book addict in the world. My husband looks at me with his eyes fully rolled back in his head when I suggest that I might need to go to the bookstore.

Posted by Heather Cook at January 3, 2006 2:09 PM

I'm a book addict too. For christmas and my birthday I received nine new books! Of course I had to add them to the pile of at least 100 I still have to read ;)

If the rubbing off of the E key means you're a real writer, what does it mean when the A,S,D & N keys are gone?

Posted by Linda D. at January 4, 2006 7:55 AM

I like books just fine. I'm just afraid that if our insurance company finds out how many literary combustibles we have in our home our rates will go up.

Posted by Mr. Husband at January 4, 2006 12:04 PM

I drop ice cream (habitually) on my keyboard. I think it likes BJ's Rocky Road best, now that they've changed their Kalhua Krunch recipe.

I have nails, therefore my E, D,T, V, G, O, C, and R are all missing at least part if not all of their paint. I try not to eat ice cream near my new all those letters are in tact. But my work computer, well it needs one of those plastic covers...for that matter so does my printer, zip drive, wall, and file cabinet....Flying Mocha should be the drink of the month.

combustibles...too funny...but really Mr. Husband only nachos twice last year? That is definately the difference between the south and the west.

Posted by Cele at January 4, 2006 12:30 PM

May I offer you my almost 2 year old to solve your V key problems? You might call her a Keyboard Technician Trainer. Within 7 minutes of opening my new laptop courtesy of Mr. Claus, she tore the enter key (dont use that one much) and three others completely off. I now am an expert at repairing buttons after an hour long crying-cursing spree where I disowned her and then reclaimed her immediately after she climbed in my chair and said, I SAWW-REE MOMMY!

Posted by Andreia at January 6, 2006 11:04 AM