Comments: In Which I Fail to Become Stephen Hawking

Does this mean Scott still isn't back yet?

I kinda like the way "pranceful" sounds. I wonder where the hot Chanel suit came from?

Dreaming you don't have to write 3,000 words and then waking up to find that you do must be depressing as all get out. Drink some cocoa, read something for fun, and get Sam to put up the tree. He'd love it.

Posted by Elizabeth at December 7, 2005 1:04 PM

So did she smoke her some crack in this dream whilst conjoining prancefully? *grinning* It sounds ever so Jabberwok-ish. ;-)

Posted by David at December 7, 2005 1:22 PM

Now, if you told me you had this dream after watching that crazy episode of Nip/Tuck last night, that would explain everything.

Posted by Dara at December 7, 2005 1:57 PM

OH how I wish I was there! I would Monkey that tree right up for you. Instead I am here where it is 10 degrees and snowing and I would give many a pranceful conjoining to be WARM! Maybe I will go take a nap and dream my way to Hawaii...;)

Posted by Amy-GO at December 7, 2005 2:13 PM

That was hilarious! And now... I don't feel half as neurotic about the dream I had two nights ago where I was about to say something so profoundly insightful, it would blow the pants of everyone --but woke up before I could say it. I don't think I want to know now. :) It certainly couldn't have been better that your perfect fragments!

p.s. those dream dictionaries never have anything concerning what I dream about.

Posted by Jen at December 7, 2005 2:29 PM

Oh I hate waking up from a dream and forgetting it all just as you are about to type it into the computer. It's like this pillow of words that just vanishes like smoke.

Posted by Eliza at December 7, 2005 2:32 PM

1. Actually, I think "EVERYTHING WORTH SAYING, EVER" is a MARVELOUS title for a book and I would buy said titled book without even reading the back cover.

B. Joss - The tree MUST go up!!! You are scarring your children for life!!

Thirdly - Pranceful conjoinings. Sounds like you are really anticipating Scott's return.

Posted by Angela at December 7, 2005 3:30 PM

Elizabeth had the same thought I did. My Inner Psychologist would translate "She monkeyed! Oh, Monkeyed! Monkeyed with pranceful conjoinings." as "Joshilyn needs Scott to come home and stay there for at least while Right NOW". I'm just sayin'...

Posted by DebR at December 7, 2005 3:35 PM

Ohhhhh... it hurts to laugh. OW.

Posted by Mir at December 7, 2005 4:22 PM

I think it means. Happy Birthday Gabi, but that's just me, since it's my birthday..yes shameless plug...and oh J, btw, I've emailed you and asked some dire questions that require some sort of answer in some form, albeit smoke signals or carrier pigeon, but not sure if you received i'm posting it here....i'm trying to contact you!!!! LOL.

Get the tree up oh she of monkeyness.

Posted by Gabi at December 7, 2005 5:22 PM

Pranceful conjoinings....

I swear to you, oh Goddess of words, the first thing I thought of was reindeer sex.

I may need therapy now.

Posted by Tina at December 7, 2005 6:08 PM

I think your fragments are luminous and I love them. Of course, I have a fever. But still.

Posted by Cornelia Read at December 8, 2005 12:24 AM

Oh, but your fragments have moved me to tears!
Tears of laughter, but STILL...

Posted by Kira at December 8, 2005 12:37 AM

How do people remember their dreams? I only remember my nightmares. And then not only do you remember vividly what you dreamt - down to the vintage Chanel suit and vivid cover colour - but you remember what you wrote.

My tree isn't up either and I don't have 2 or 3k to worry about or explain my tardiness.

Tina honey, one word - Therapy. And I don't mean Dr. Ruth

Posted by Cele at December 8, 2005 2:10 AM

So, I'm reading your blog. I get to the part where you unveil your deep wisdom, and I began to laugh. I laugh so hard tears are pouring from my eyes and I am laughing so loud that my family is screaming from the other room for me to stop laughing because I'm spoiling the scene. They're watching Lord of the Rings, the part where Gandalf is about to fall into the fiery depths of Moira, and for some reason that makes me laugh even harder although honestly, it's really a sad sad scene and normally I CRY at that part of the movie and no I do not need a psychiatrist. It's just I've been sick and my brain is sort of mushy at the moment and my emotions are disjointed. Anyhooooo, then commercial comes and I have to read your post to my son and most particularly to my husband, because he looooooves all things monkey. And I get to the monkey part and I was doing really well before that, but all of sudden I'm just guffawing and snorting and he has to read it outloud himself. Well, what do I do? I laugh some more.

Too, the part about the writing 2-3,000 words or getting your tree up - ohmyyyyygawd - we're living the same life! Except for that whole bestseller part. And you have only 2 kid and they're young and I have five plus spouses/partners and grandchildren - but OTHER THEN THAT. And so that made me smile. That I could be LIKE Joshilyn. Sigh. Oh, and I don't live in the south.

AND today I finally beat off the ol' flu bug and the naked tree that was standing in the middle of my livingroom (and I do mean middle), is now covered in lights AND decorations AND is properly tucked away in it's proper place. Is YOUR tree up!? Huh? (Imagine me saying that last little bit in Lucy Van Pelt's very snotty voice.)

Posted by Laume at December 8, 2005 2:36 AM

LOL!!!!!!! This sounds like something to be used when at a loss for that someone who often gets diarrhea of the mouth can look even brighter.

Love the reindeer sex thoughts too.

And the return of the husband.

Oh! She monkeyed!

Posted by Steph at December 8, 2005 8:03 AM

::::::::::manic ROFLMAOPIMP episode on the floor:::::::::

If you don't use Pranceful Conjoinings as your next book title, then can I have it?

I thought of reindeer sex too. This is THE strangest post and thread of comments ever, and that's why I keep coming back :)

Posted by Jilly at December 8, 2005 10:30 AM

So what was it with blogs and monkeys yesterday? In trying to find a simile for the smell of the Khazakstanian goat wool she was attempting to spin/wash (who could make that up) my other favorite blogger said that when the steam hit it it smelled like "the great dancing monkey king rutting with his armpits full of cheese."

I think we all just need some quiet time. And wine.

Posted by rams at December 8, 2005 11:37 AM

See? Someone else thought of reindeer sex too!
*sticks out tongue*

Pranceful made me think of Prancer
Conjoinings just must be translated to sex.

But yes, Pranceful Conjoinings is the title of the next blockbuster novel.... and the race is on to see who writes it.


Posted by Tina at December 8, 2005 11:53 AM

"She monkeyed! Oh, Monkeyed! Monkeyed with pranceful conjoinings"

She monkeyed! Oh, Monkeyed! Monkeyed with pranceful conjoinings

Editor in hot attire… This is your connection, your grounding, your link with the outside world
Monkeyed… The monkey is the closest creature to us, without being us. This is a relation to reality.
Pranceful… A dance-like walk. Full of happiness and energy.
Conjoinings… Connection, how you are connected to things around you.

Dream interpretation:
All of this together is trying to tell you that you are not quite where you need to be and need to get on track with the tree putting upping, and the 3000 word writing for chapter 4.
All the while you realize this, you are happily, and with energy, dancing around the fact that you are disconnected from wanting to put up the tree, nor writing chapter 4.

And in closing… the title of "EVERYTHING WORTH SAYING, EVER” means this is where you are at… everyone else… deal with it.

Posted by Bane at December 8, 2005 11:55 AM

Is it Monkey-ed? Or in "with the eyes of a monk?" Or maybe "with the eyes of Monk" as in Tony Shaloub's TV series character?

Posted by Jan in Norman, OK at December 8, 2005 1:05 PM

Wow...."They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games" now has a totally different meaning for me. And Oh, the joyous mental images that accompany. Thanks ever so much, Tina, Steph, Jilly....I think that we should hit Mir up for a loan from her kids therapy fund. (Er, perhaps "hit Mir" was NOT the correct phrase to use today.)

Posted by Angela at December 8, 2005 1:28 PM