Comments: A Fantastic Day (Except for the Trivia Git)

Does the cat only have one eye?? THAT would be too perfect.

Posted by Mir at September 12, 2005 4:42 PM

It sounds like a lovely trip -- and of course gods is selling out! Why wouldn't it?

Posted by Aimee at September 12, 2005 5:11 PM

I am dead jealous of your meeting Dick Francis - I've been reading his novels for 21 years. I haven't seen a new one since 2000/2001 and I thought he retired/expired. I don't suppose you asked if he was considering a new one??? I miss his work.

Posted by Bob at September 12, 2005 5:21 PM

De-Lurking to say, Joshilyn, that I am your newest biggest fan. :) What fun I've had living vicariously through your vacation/promo trip thingy here! And my Book Club (in metro Atl, no less) is most definitely reading gods next!!

Posted by MySelf at September 13, 2005 7:24 AM

Now you're livin' girlfriend. Too fun, now I wanna cruise more than just the boulevard (Oh right, I've not done that since the 70s, grow up Cele.)

It seems you've taken cruising to wonderful heights in very pretty shoes - we've enjoyed the moments and pix because of your generousity, and propensity for wonderful, colourful, wambling words. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU.

Posted by Cele at September 13, 2005 12:32 PM

Cool art, Joshilyn. And Osso Bucco. Off to daydream now.

Posted by Edgy Mama at September 13, 2005 3:09 PM

::::::JEALOUSY REARING, SNORTING, PAWING THE AIR:::: But since I can't be there too I am exceedingly glad you are so HAPPY. And PRETTY.

Darn it anyway,

Posted by Jilly at September 13, 2005 4:19 PM