Comments: Viva la Primate! Viva la Jones New York!

THIS is why a woman must always carry a digital camera in her handbag. (Or even one of those toy pen-sized digital cameras, like the one I picked up at Wal-Mart for $17.) We will forever have to let the monkey 'do live only in our imaginations...when surely the real thing would put that version to shame...

Posted by Marilyn at May 17, 2005 7:31 AM

But, um, Joss? YOU'RE PRETTY!! (And you just TRY to tell me you don't LOVE the picture of us together, because I look like some weird cross between Pinocchio and Mr. Ed in that shot and I LOVE IT even so, so you can just shaddup right now.)

For the record: before I met you, I pink puffy heart-ed you. Now I GIGANTIC GLITTERY SPARKLY RED HEART you. Honestly. (Of course, now YOU are AFRAID of ME, but sometimes that's the price I have to pay.)

The story of the worms needs to be told. As does the saga of my beating you (I forgot that, last night), and the sad story of the apple green wedges, and GOOD HEAVENS woman, I didn't say a WORD about the CANOPY on your BED.

Posted by Mir at May 17, 2005 8:10 AM

I can't imagine. I am the woman who only buys off the "this is being given away for free to get rid of it now" rack.

Posted by Heather at May 17, 2005 2:13 PM

For crying out loud, woman, my whole life is breastfeeding and grass stains. I'm living vicariously through you, here, so bring on the worm story! And the apple green shoe story! And I want to know about the canopy on your bed AND YES, DARNIT, I WANT THE PINK FUZZY SOCK STORY TOO! Because it's all about ME. Thank you!

umm, p.s.? You're pretty.

Posted by Amy at May 17, 2005 5:21 PM

You're both pretty. I'm glad that you enjoyed Vermont and I'm glad that everyone was pretty.

Monkey hair. I believe that Monkey hair was the new hair in the spring Vogue. Monkey hair is the new bee-hive. Don't you know anything?

Britney is now all about Monkey hair. Maisy was right to spot a fashion trend at its hot point. Rumors are that Brad left Jen because of an argument about Monkey hair. Why am I capitalizing Monkey hair? Because its going to be a pop cultural phenomenon. That's why!

Go Gods!

Posted by Waylon at May 17, 2005 10:11 PM

As Mir was rassling that poor woman to the ground and beating her in the face I would have looked on admiringly and pointed out to anyone that would listen, "that's my girl."
I'm glad you all enjoyed the trip.
I may be one of the few people reading your blog to whom you can not say "YOUR PRETTY".

Oh, by the way, I loved your book.

Posted by Mir's dad at May 17, 2005 10:34 PM

Mmmmmm, outlet shopping! I'm glad you had a wonderful time. It sounds like you had a blast!

Posted by Jenny at May 20, 2005 12:54 AM