Comments: The Toddler Socks

Hey congrats on not heading back home to change your socks and doing the skate thing. That is courage. I myself would have turned back, fidgeted carefully when around vehicles that were higher than mine and maybe sat in the driveway and looked around to make sure that nobody was on the street before rushing inside. So thumbs up for you. :)

You did what you had to do and ignored something as silly (note what I just said and not what I would have done) as the visualness of your comfy socks. You did the right thing when you were most nervous. That is a courageous incident.

Anyway happy pre-birthday to the site. And to paraphrase the 'brown bear in the ring' song from the OMG documentary "Touching The Void" (now on DVD) I sing 'There's a pink bear in the ring.. tra-la la-lala..' :)

Posted by Klint at March 6, 2005 9:31 AM

See now, this is where we're different. I LOVE color, and would have chosen those socks intentionally. If they actually had flamingos on them? Even better! I am a teenager of the 80's through and through -- I love me some crazy socks!

Good on yer for getting up and skating first thing, though. I'm with you (not a morning person) and the thought of actually trying to work out first thing just gives me the itchies. And a strong desire to go back to bed.

As for skates vs. blades? I can't do either, so if you're on skates, you're already a cool kid as far as I'm concerned!

Posted by Kestralyn at March 6, 2005 11:49 AM

I love skates... I bought 4 pairs of blades, but each time I couldn't stand up. I bought 4 pairs because I thought it would get better if I got a different kind. Plus yeah... $70. Crazy. I don't own skates at the moment, but they make some really cute ones now. They tried to "come back" into style a few years back, but I don't think it took hold. Even Britney Spears had a line of skates.

Posted by Mary Jo at March 6, 2005 5:01 PM

I'm with Kestralyn! I recently bought a pair of Crocs in BRIGHT SCREAMING YELLOW totally on purpose. Kevin calls them my "duck feet". Pinketty pink socks? Huzzah!! You probably put a smile on a lot of faces...and there's nothing wrong about that. :)

Posted by Amy at March 6, 2005 5:50 PM

I'm with Kestralyn in congratulating you for doing any physical activity first thing in the morning..especially a SUNDAY morning. If GOD really is in Alabama, He should have mentioned somethin' 'bout a day of rest. And I don't think by "rest" He means "rollerskating like a damned fool" in florescent socks! If God WAS in Alabama and didn't mention this 24-hours of ordered REST, y'all are really missin' out!

Me, today, I vaccumed the entire house, cleaned three bathrooms, walked the dog, did two loads of laundry, and I'm in the middle of cooking Sunday dinner, roast and all the fixen's. But, I ain't rollerskating. I is RESTIN'!

Posted by Carolyn H at March 6, 2005 7:24 PM

I first read this title as "Squeaky Socks" which had me heading straight for the back arrow since it's the title of a Boobah episode we have on DVD and it SCARES me. Really. Boobah is the devil. But your pink fuzzy socks sound far less scary. I'll stay tuned for tomorrow.

Posted by Amanda at March 7, 2005 1:45 AM